Recap Redskins 33-27 loss to Eagles via 'Sopranos' Animated Gifs

The highs and lows of the Redskins week one matchup versus the Eagles using Sopranos animated gifs.

Note: You'll need to mouse over the image to animate it.

NFC East champs starting their season on prime time TV...this tailgate is damn good!


Mike Shanahan doing his pre-game routine...


Me walking into the stadium feeling really good about an easy win...


The Eagles look damn good on this drive, but oh yes, Kerrigan tips a backward pass and DHall takes it to the house. 7-0 Redskins!


The rest of the first quarter goes: Eagles FG, Eagles TD, Eagles safety to take a 12-7 lead.


Then Vick throws a 26-yard pass to Brent Celek...


And then Vick runs in a 3-yard TD....


26-7 Eagles at half time. What does Tony's Mom think of the Redskins defense so far?


Given all the RGIII-hype, this is a fair question for Carmela to ask me at half time.


It only takes the Eagles 94 seconds to score to start the second half. 33-7...Redskins defense is Janice Soprano, Richie is Chip Kelly.


I predicted the Redskins would win 37-13, this is how I'm feeling right now...


Some Redskins fans at this point...


Wait...Kerrigan is out of the game with a concussion?


Welp, the Redskins just scored at the end of the 3rd quarter to make it 33-14...we're still in this game!!


Did we really just get a false start penalty on 4th and 10 at home???


That's too harsh....this is safer for everyone...


What I'm asking the Redskins right now. (can't we have one season that's easy?)


This is for the two douchebag, Skins fans that refused to vacate my friends' seats and then tried to fight me over it. (kudos to Fedex Field security for handling the situation with ease).


Speaking of, here's video of other Skins fans fighting post-game. Otherwise the day was great.

How I plan to watch the rest of the season if the next two games go like this:


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