Projecting first cuts (to reach 75 players)

So, not very long after tonight's game against the Bills, the Redskins roster will need to be trimmed to 75 guys. Tuesday, to be exact.

There are always issues with injury that can impact how many guys are counted towards the active roster at any time, and I'm not sure if the Redskins are currently carrying the full allotment of 90. The roster that I looked at to put this list together, for example, still had Phillip Thomas listed, though he's out for the season.

All this is to say that I don't know if the Redskins have to cut 15 players to move from 90 to 75, or if a few positions are already taken care of. And as much as I hate to bring it up, there's always the possibility that an injury in tonight's game might change the needs on roster cuts.

That said, I thought I'd assume that the team needs to cut 15 players on Tuesday, and project which 15 names I expect to go on that list. As an irritating friend of mine used to say, I thought I would "float a balloon and see who wants to shoot it down."

So, here is my projection of the 15 guys who will wear the burgundy & gold for the last time tonight.

See what you think.

  1. Chip Reeves
  2. Nick Williams
  3. Emmanuel Ogbuehi
  4. Jacolby Ashworth
  5. Tevita Stevens
  6. Jeremy Trueblood
  7. Dominique Hamilton
  8. Chigbo Anunoby
  9. Ricky Elmore
  10. Jeremy Kimbrough
  11. Roddrick Muckelroy
  12. Vic So'oto
  13. Ryan Mouton
  14. Quan Sturdivant

Since I'm always one to hedge my bets, here are four other players that I considered for the list, before deciding that they were likely to stick around till final cuts.

Skye Dawson - I think they'll want to put him on the practice squad

DeJon Gomes --The team is thin at safety; Gomes won't be cut in case there is an injury in the final preseason game

Eric Kettani -- We only have two FBs. Kettani will make it to final cuts in case D Young gets hurt. Not sure if he is PS-eligible, but I suspect that the Skins would like to keep him around. He'll be a tough cut if the day comes.

John Potter - The only reason to keep Potter for another week is insurance against Kai or Sav getting hurt. I could see Potter being cut this week if the team wanted to keep Kimbrough or Muckelroy, who are the two players on my list that I figure are most likely to survive to see Wednesday with the Redskins.

The only name on the list of 15 that really troubles me is Quan Sturdivant. I don't understand why the 'Skins would sign him, just to turn around and cut him a week later. He's a young guy, and I think he might still be PS-eligible. If so, he might be kept till the final cut, then waived and assigned to practice squad. If that's the case (and the 'Skins do have to cut 15 guys) then I figure either Potter or Gomes is gone.


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