Wizards Point Guard John Wall On RG3 and Redskins

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A few questions to a #1 pick about a #1 pick.

We caught up with John Wall at The Citi John Wall Basketball ProCamp Presented by SunnyD held at Robinson Secondary School this weekend for over 200 kids from the DC area.

He respectfully declined to answer the two best questions of the day:

"Who do you think has a more offensive name that needs to be changed immediately, the Wizards or the Redskins?"

"What do you have to say to your tattoos critics?"

He did however answer a couple questions on RG3, the Redskins and his upcoming season.

Any relationship with RG3 through Adidas?

No not really. You know, we'll probably get that going, but I mean it's tough throughout this whole summer with him being injured and trying to get himself back ready and to help his organization out with the Washington Redskins. So I just wish him the best of luck and I know he's working really hard, I know him pretty well and I'm happy and excited for him and excited for the redskins.

How do you think the Redskins are looking this year?

I think they'll do good. He's their leader, and I think it's one thing they know, they believe and trust in him, they know they know he'll do the perfect thing and I think they know the coaches and those guys, training staff, are doing a good job making sure he's not rushing himself back and making sure he's healthy. You know, that's somebody you gotta make sure he's healthy for the rest of his career because that's their guy.

How was working with Gary Payton this offseason?

I haven't worked out with him yet I've just been talking to him - I talk to him nearly every day. That's the thing, we've tried to find some time but I've been busy this summer traveling to China with Adidas, and the opportunity to get selected to go to USA basketball, and things like that, so you know, exciting - going to Vegas to watch my team play in the summer league.

Have any big plans this summer?

Nah man, just trying to get ready for the season

Wizards championship this year?

I don't know about championship but our main thing is just playoffs. We haven't been there in 3 years - my first 3 years - so that's why my main goal is just playoffs.

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