Redskins 2013 Season Game-by-Game Predictions

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With everyone and their mother seemingly criticizing RGIII's every word, I'll deflect some attention by pulling out the crystal ball and predicting the Redskins season. 11-5...hello!

Our friends over at Athlon Sports emailed asking if I'd be up for doing a game by game prediction for the Redskins 2013 season. Sure, why not? If Pete Prisco can predict the Redskins will go 3-13 last year, I can't do worse, right?

Side note: Prisco just posted his 2013 predictions and has the Redskins going 3rd in the NFC East at 9-7. At least that one is in the ballpark of reality.

Enough of that though. I have the Redskins going 11-5 and had this as my reasoning:

With RGIII coming back from major knee surgery and the Redskins facing all first-place opponents in the NFC East, common logic one would think it'd be hard for the Redskins to repeat their 10-win season. However, here are some key points: Of the Redskins' 22 starters from last season, 21 are returning. The lone player that left per the Redskins' decision was free safety Madieu Williams, who could not get the job done. The Redskins drafted a lot of defenders so it's hard to imagine the defense regresses any, especially with the return of Brian Orakpo, who essentially missed all of last season. On the offensive side, Pierre Garcon is 100 percent healthy again and the Redskins were 9-1 with him in the lineup last year. Playmaker Fred Davis also returns. Finally, Kirk Cousins has looked phenomenal this year so far, so barring any setbacks with RGIII, the offense should be able to still get the job done. 11-5.

Here are my predictions with further explanation:

  • Have the Redskins going 5-1 vs NFC East. (Eagles stink, Giants will win 1, and Dallas will implode).
  • With a young secondary, I think the Redskins will lose against teams that have elite QBs like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Outside the NFCE, the Redskins don't face a lot of them.
  • Even still, given the Redskins schedule, it's very feasible Skins start 5-1.
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