Redskins Training Camp Notes: Monday, 8/12/13

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I headed down to Richmond yesterday morning on one of the hot tests days of camp so far with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. My position and view weren't always great but I'll jot down a few notes:

A.M. practice had no pads or helmets considering it was a walk through but

• A lot of team passing drills took place and it was interesting to me that Hankerson got all the 1st team reps across from Garcon (this was the case for the afternoon practice as well) Morgan was on the 2nd team across from Aldrick Robinson.

• Without pads these drills heavily favored the offense, mostly everything seemed to be a completion. Garcon and Aldrick both had a large amount of targets compared to the others and both showed nice hands.

• I personally thought Hankerson's hands looked the smoothest all day. Smooth catches made easy by those large mitts of his. On pass he got two hands on actually seemed like he palmed the ball with one after immediately dropping his other. Nice to see.

• Biggest drop I saw was by Davis in the far end zone but appeared to be concentration. Just walk throughs, he was open, nicely thrown, and catchable. But his body language looked very at ease, almost like he just expected to catch it, then didn't. Would like to see more effort all the time.

P.M. practice was with helmets and shoulder pads but no real hitting. The defense practiced on the far field which I couldn't see but got to watch the offense.

• During the warm up calisthenics I liked to see big Trent on the end closest to me with Tom Compton two spots over and Good ole Cousins (who I lovingly refer to as Primos) sandwiched right between those two massive men. This stood out to me because what two better friends should the QB of a team have than his two blind side protectors?

• Trent did have the club cast on for this practice. Later on in practice my heart dropped when a few players got tangled up and went to the ground (which you weren't supposed to do). Then Trent got up slow and seemed to be in pain while heading to the sideline. Seemed to be OK but made me forget all about the pain of my rather bad sunburn I acquired earlier that day. *Tips- WEAR SUNSCREEN*

• I'm sure by now you have all heard of Brisco's leaping grab over Biggers considering it was the best catch of the day. But before anyone anoints him our 6th WR, he had an easy drop about seven plays later along the sideline. Also had one at the start of practice. Inconsistent.

• At 34 years old Moss looks both very quick and very fast. That is all.

• The rookie RBs got very little work. K. Williams got a good amount more reps and as of today would be our 4th RB if we played Philly tomorrow. He looks large and is by far the biggest back in camp. But he runs very blah.

• The little work I did see from Thompson really did show his burst and explosion. Definitely the fastest guy on the field. But both him and Jameson a very very short. But they would literally disappear in the hole at times only to reappear in the secondary. Magic?

• Morris' lateral agility and moves at the second level cannot be matched by the other backs. He hit a spin move on a linebacker that made me feel bad for his children.

• Also noticed that he caught a good amount of passes out of the backfield on dump offs and in the flat. He said himself he was working on his receiving game this off season and it showed. He caught everything and some were not great throws or easy catches. Would love to keep him in on some 3rd downs this year fooling the defense into a run, then when they realize he doesn't have the ball and release him, he wiggles out for a nice dump off in space.

• The guys that actually looked the best at return man to my u trained eye were Nick Williams, Chris Thompson, and Josh Wilson.

• due to lack of hitting and my vantage point It was tough to get a good look at the defense. Biggers did have a nice leaping interception over the receiver.

• I'm sure the normal beat writers will give you a better analysis on the QB play. From what I saw I looked like RG/Primos...........Rex................................................................White.

I had a great time and encourage anybody to try and make at least one training camp. Thanks for reading!

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