Why Dallas Will Win The Division This Year.

Bored. I'm bored. So why not create a fan post about Dallas winning the division?

Well, here's why. Bob's wedding. It's on the front page of Hogs Haven. It means you're bored too.

Before I begin, please notice that I have refrained from all personal (and even player) insults - so please... let's see if you can do the same (based on experience, even if you can't, three or four of you will actually be funny anyway - which will ease my boredom).

So here's my take on the 2013 division winner.

Eagles - disarray, new coach, weren't any good last year, QB controversy, general Philadelphiadom. They finish last.

Giants - Defense has fallen apart/ gotten old behind the DL. Injuries/ free agent losses to DL. Problems with receiver contracts. Running Back fumblitis. Poor OL. Super Bowl is in their stadium this year (the death of any Super Bowl hopes).

That leaves Cowboys and Redskins (the way it should be).

Here's my three reasons the Cowboys will finish ahead of Washington to win the NFC East title.


The Redskins swept the Cowboys last year (congrats and all due respect), which means the Skins play a first place schedule. Due to tie-breaking procedures the WAS loss vaulted the Giants to second place, leaving Dallas with a third place schedule.

So while the Redskins are dealing with the likes of Atlanta and San Francisco (the two prior NFC championship game participants), Dallas will take on the Rams and Saints (both games at home).

Of course, anything can happen on Sunday, but you have to agree the Cowboys have the easier road here and a potential two game swing.

The Pistol or Read Option or Whatever

The Redskins ran it perfectly last year (congrats and all due respect), but they will surprise no one this year. Even the Cowboys have moved from a 3-4 to a 4-3 to counter. Every team around the league is loading up in preparation. That being said, Bob is also a great pocket passer, so we'll see. The point is, the cat is out of the bag.


Yes, we all know about the major injuries WAS suffered on defense last year. Yet, few seem to remember that the Cowboys lost 6 of 11 defensive starters in 2012 due to injury and 4 key back-ups as well. It was an amazing feat that they were even in contention the last week of the season. If they can stay reasonably injury free (and they're quite young so they should), they will easily field a top 5 defense in 2013 to pair with their innumerable offensive weapons and perfect kicking game (both kicker and punter were lost to injury in 2012 too).

In summary, the Redskins produced a dramatic turnaround for their franchise in 2012 overcoming losing season after losing season to win the NFC East crown due to the emergence of their newfound franchise quarterback (and a pretty bad ass running back to boot). Clearly their division counterparts in Philadelphia and New York will not be able to keep up.

Unfortunately, due to strength of schedule, the league-wide containment of the pistol (or read option), and the re-emergence of the Dallas Cowboys outright domination, the Redskins will find themselves in the familiar position of less than first place in the 2013 season.

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