Daily Slop: Theismann Disputes Schefter Report That RGIII Won’t Play in Preseason; Who Will Start at Free Safety for the Redskins?

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Need to Know: For RG3, preseason games are about risk-reward - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The risk-reward balance So it appears that we won’t see Robert Griffin III in the games that don’t count so that the Redskins can be assured that he can play in the games that do count. Is this the right move? Some say that it is. The preseason games don’t count so why in the world would Mike Shanahan want...

Theismann Disputes Schefter Report That RGIII Won’t Play in Preseason " CBS DC
"I have tremendous respect for Adam, but when it comes to medical conditions of people, there’s two guys that I know don’t share anything: Mike Shanahan and Bill Belichick,"

5 Questions Heading Into Training Camp: Defense | Fanspeak.com

A look at the five most pressing issues for the Redskins defense that need to be answered down in Richmond.

John Riggins, Dexter Manley and Other Redskins Legends to Appear at Richmond Sports Spectacular
Redskins Legends include Riggins, Manley, Eddie LaBaron, Mike Bragg, Ravin Caldwell , Darryl Grant, Roy Jefferson , Walt Rock, Ron McDole, Pat Fischer & Mike Nelms.

RGIII Medical Clearance 'No Surprise' to Adam Carriker; HGH in NFL | 4th & Pain
On today's 4th & Pain: Robert Griffin III cleared to return; HGH testing in the NFL and a weight lifting tip from Adam Carriker.

Most Underrated Redskin | Fanspeak.com

A surprising, but deserving look at the member of the Washington Redskins organization that may get overlooked the most.

RGIII, Washington Redskins Face Preseason Balancing Act " CBS DC
Mike Shanahan has to decide whether to use his franchise player in the preseason games. So what happens now? There are 47 days until the season opener.

RGIII’s Face is on Redskins Fan’s Prosthetic Leg " CBS DC
One Washington Redskins fan got RGIII's face put on his prosthetic leg, which he'll use to walk into FedEx Field this season to watch the franchise quarterback play.

OT: Which undrafted players have a shot? | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Who will start at free safety for the Redskins? | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Chris Cooley to replace Andy Pollin on ‘Sports Reporters’

More on Alfred Morris and the zone read

RGIII: 'No time to feel proud,' back to work for Redskins - NFL.com
One day after Robert Griffin III was medically cleared for training camp, the Washington Redskins quarterback insists his real work is just beginning.

Ten Questions: Offensive Playcalling | Redskins Journal
How much will Robert Griffin III’s injury force the Redskins to change their playcalling?

Missing Tapes: Bruce Allen on '30 For 30'
Redskins GM Bruce Allen was featured on ESPN '30 for 30' documentary 'Elway To Marino,' detailing the Hall of Fame quarterback class coming out of the 1983 NFL Draft. Here is his full interview, including the stories of Darrell Green, Jim Kelly and Herschel Walker.

The Redskins Blog | Redskins Continue To Arrive In Richmond

The Redskins Blog | To ‘Stay Healthy’ Is Key For Redskins

Joe Theismann’s Advice for Johnny Manziel: Don’t Be Yourself " CBS DC
Joe Theismann, who historically changed the pronunciation of his last name to garner more Heisman Trophy votes, had some advice for the NCAA's most recent recipient of the award. In short, his words suggest a character change for Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel.

Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan Willard saves family from burning car - ESPN
Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan Willard played the part of hero Tuesday, rescuing a family and their dog from a burning car.

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