2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft: Round 2


Round Two of the 2013 Washington Redskins Flag Football Fantasy Draft

Well...If you hated my team after Round One, you are REALLY going to hate my team after Round Two. I desperately want to make a case for what I have done so far, but on paper...yeah, I see your point.

Let's just keep this party going.

Round 2

Baugh's Bombers: I really wanted Jordan Reed, but will settle for a pair of other rookies with my top two picks. Thompson is pure speed, and with no worry of having to take hits, his back injury is now a non-factor. Thompson is going to be my home run guy who takes a 5 yard pass and turns it into a 50 yard gain. Bacarri Rambo is a dual threat player who was a quarterback in high school in addition to being a very good safety prospect. Here he can play some quarterback, running back or receiver on offense, while ensuring that I have a good defender who can cover a lot of ground on defense.

Cerrato's Pea Brain: In the second round of the draft, Cerrato's Pea Brain selects Pierre Garcon. He is the total package for flag football. His resume boasts: track star, quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback. Taking a two-way player with Garcon's athleticism and 6'0" height has Pea Brain management busting out the cigars and champagne. It also makes us giddy that college football expert, Steve Shoup, really wanted Jordan Reed.

Hyrule Tektites: Last year, I got crushed for selecting position players that played quarterback in high school. I believe it was Kevin Ewoldt who trashed my decision hardest, so I have zero regard or respect for his excitement about playing Jordan Reed at quarterback. Did you really tout his experience as quarterback at the University of Florida??? How many quarterbacks have come out of there and done well at the next level? Make no mistake...this flag football league is THE NEXT LEVEL! Since both of you are playing guys at quarterback that have not played the
position in years, I think I will invest in some pressure. With the final pick of the 2nd round, the Hyrule Tektites select Brian Orakpo. On defense, he is athletic enough to force your high school quarterbacks into terrible decisions. On offense, he is strong enough to set an edge for Pat White to get around on the offensive line. I am sure Jordan Reed and Bacarri Rambo will be able to think clearly about where they are throwing as they are being Orakpwned.

Note: This is a snake draft where Ken selected first.






Pat White

Jordan Reed

Chris Thompson



Pierre Garcon

Bacarri Rambo






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