Happy Father's Day! What's your favorite sporting memories with your Dad?

Jan 26, 1992: QB Mark Rypien of the Washington Redskins holds his daughter after winning Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills. - Getty Images

Let's face it... Dads are pretty much the best superheros of them all, and generally speaking like to do sporting things with their kids. What about yours?

To all our Hogs Haven dads out there: Happy Father's Day! We know your numbers are mighty, so if you want to share in the comments section whether you're a poppa, and how many kids and grandkids you have, we'd love to salute you.

Most everyone will have some stories and fond memories they can share regarding sporting events they've attended with their dads. Did you grow up with season tickets at RFK or Fedex field? Did you attend training camp at Carlisle or Ashburn?

My Dad isn't a big sports fan. I'd be surprised if he could name one team in the NFC East, but I do have a good story when he took me to the 1994 NHL All-Star game in NYC when I was 16 years old. I grew up playing hockey and watched every single Caps game on HTS. My Dad was working in NYC at the time and scored two lower bowl tickets. I was ecstatic. As the game ended a lot of people stood up but were in no rush to leave their seats. I look down a few rows and see a man in a long black trench coat with his hair slicked back. "Holy shit, that's Caps' winger Nick Kypreos!" For the 99% of you that don't know Kypreos, his job was to fight...a lot.

Kevin: "Dad...it's Nick Kypreos!"

Dad: "Who?"

(a minute or two goes by)

Kevin: "We need to get a picture."

Dad: "OK."

So I hop down a couple rows and introduce myself to Kypreos. He was genuinely a good guy and my Dad makes his way over.

Dad: "Hey do you mind taking a picture."

Kypreos: "Sure, not a problem."

My Dad hands Kypreos the camera and puts his arm around me.

Kypreos: (long pause)....takes the camera, then the picuture.

Dad: "Thanks...let's go son."

Man I was so horrified. I didn't have the nads to apologize to Kypreos or tell my Dad what he just did. Ah well, at least it wasn't one of my childhood heroes, but funny none the less.

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