Here is my 53 man roster


QB Rg3 and cousins , no REx because I feel we can save the roster space and bring Rex back quickly no one is signing him (2)

Rb Morris Helu Thompson and Jamison . PerhapsJamison goes to the PS but if Helu is healthy (which i think he will be ) then he will get those back=up snaps because he can catch the ball well . Thompson will get some looks because he is flat out explosive . you may see him on KOR's too (4)

FB young our most underated player (1)

Te Davis , Paulson Reed and Paul . This is a big year for Paul . He had an adjustment to make at TE and this year he should be more comfortable . He wasnt targeted much (15 targets , 8 rec , 1 td 19 yrd avg ) but he could overtake paulson next year (2014) if he can be more consistent (4)

WR Garcon , Morgan , Moss Hankerson and Robinson . People bag on Robinson but he had 19 targets 11 rec 3tds and a 21.5 avg . hard for me to give up on that yet . He has improved every year so perhaps he is reay for a bigger role next season (5)

OL Wiliams , Stieger , Monty , Chester , Compton , Polumbus , Hurt , Gettis Le ribius . I think Le Ribius will push for a starting job this year and Compton will be the suprise starter at RT . Gettis could be ready in 2014 I kept Polumbus because he can play OG . (9)

Forbath , Racca, and Sundberg are the specialist .


DE Jenkins Carriker Bowen Merling Merling is a suprise here but he might be a bust as a 2nd rounder but he is younger then Golston . Golston by the way was an outstanding find in round 6 . (4)

NT Coefield Brace Baker , Brace is another suprise but he appears to be in shape Baker will be hard to knock off the roster because he is in shape now as well Add Nield to the mix and this will be a fierce battle (3)

OLB Rak , Kerrigan , (Jackson /Tapp) Jenkins Jenkins could be a huge steal here . Jackson is suspended for the 1st 4 games (4)

ILB LBF , Riley Keihl Robinson . Robinson will spell LBF on passing downs to get exp. but he looks to me like the guy to take over at ILB when LBF decides to go . ILB should be high on our draft list next season (4)

CB Hall , Wilson , Biggers , Amerson , Minniefield Crawford . I think our Starting 2014 CB rotation could be Amerson Crawford and Minniefield (6)

S Merriweather , Doughty , Thomas, Rambo (4) THIs could be interesting because of the health of Merriweather and Jackson's unknown status . Doughty is another 6th round gem in my opinion . Hard to see him not making it

There it is , some hits can be taken here but I think its a decent roster with a few gambles .

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