Hogs Haven Memorial Day Classic: Darrell Green, 20 years of service

Patrick McDermott

Redskins Memorial Day Series. Remembering Darrell Green, one of the greatest Redskins players of all time.

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have fought and died for our freedom through military service. On this Memorial Day, we at Hogs Haven wish to celebrate our Redskins veteran players who have served our franchise with valor.

Career Highlights:

Darrell Green is one decorated Redskins veteran. Green played for an almost unheard of 20 years in the NFL, and he accumulated many NFL and Redskins records. Some of his NFL records include: most seasons with one team in one city (20), most consecutive seasons with an interception (19), most games played by a defensive player (295), and he is a 4 time NFL's Fastest Man Competition winner and the only player to win multiple times without losing. His Redskins records include: most career interceptions (54), most game starts (258), most games played (295), and most interceptions returned for touchdown (6). He could even still run a 4.43 40-yard dash on his 50th birthday. He was a monster cornerback and is arguably one of the greatest cornerbacks of all time. Green is also one of the fastest players in NFL history. He was selected to seven pro-bowls, has four all-pro selections, and is in the Redskin’s Ring of Fame. While green lacked size (5’9"), he made up for it with extreme toughness, his dedication, and not quitting on plays by chasing opposing offensive players with the ball down.


In his Hall of Fame Career, Green accumulated 1,159 tackles, 1 sack, and 54 interceptions.

Standout Moment:

Green’s punt return against the bears during the playoffs leading up to Super Bowl XXII stands out as on of the best plays in NFL history. He returned a 52 yard punt for the go ahead game winning touchdown to advance in the playoffs. Green holds his rib cage as he runs the last 30 yards of the punt return. Even with extreme pain, he finished the play to help the Redskins win. It is one of the more memorable plays in Redskins playoff history. The video of this play is posted below.

Darrell Green - 1987 NFC Divisional Playoffs (via chuckmak1979)

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