Daily Slop: Suspension Helped Rambo Prioritize Life; Which Redskin are you Expecting Surprisingly Good Play From This Season?


Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Thoughts and observations: Bacarri Rambo | WashingtonExaminer.com
He played a more traditional free safety at Georgia so the adjustment for him to the Redskins’ scheme won’t be the same as, say, Phillip Thomas. While Thomas played in a similar scheme, it was not a similar role and he’ll have to learn how to play the deep middle vs. speedy receivers, and how to approach a ball carrier when in certain looks. That doesn’t mean Rambo has an edge overall, but he won’t have to make that particular adjustment. Thomas, though, probably has better instincts for the ball (though Rambo got his share of picks too – against higher competition) and I think he drives harder on the ball. It’s not as if Rambo is bad in this area, though. In fact, he’s not.

Draft review: Safety Bacarri Rambo | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Can the Redskins Keep Four Tight Ends? | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
A look at why the Redskins should and will keep four tight ends and what other position gets cut.

Redskins Officially Sign Five Undrafted Players, Offer Tryouts to Others
The Redskins currently have 78 active members on the roster, which leaves enough roster space for five more players after adding this years draft choices to the list.

Redskins in-depth chart: Offense | Comcast SportsNet Washington

2013 Redskins draft review: Jawan Jamison | Comcast SportsNet Washington

RGIII speaks out against ‘tyranny of political correctness’
The logical assumption is that Griffin had some issues with the attention he got for his statement made during the Redskins’ draft party. Not a big deal, although I’m not sure how many ways you can take it when a Redskins player says, "We made Cowboys Stadium our home."

Where does RGIII draw the line between being himself and doing what’s best for the team?

Which Redskin are you expecting surprisingly good play from this season?
With that in mind, which Redskins player do you think is going to contribute a lot more this season than conventional wisdom would suggest? Whether it’s a player bouncing back from injury, a rookie or young player taking his first opportunity and running with it, a veteran playing the role of unsung hero or something completely different, most fans have a few players that they really like for one reason or another, even if the facts don’t necessarily justify that hunch.

RG III: 'You learn from your mistakes' - NFC East Blog - ESPN
But people don't understand the primal impulses of an athlete: "Your survivor instinct kicks in. You're like, 'I'm a warrior. I'm a beast. I do all these things, I can push through adversity.'" He acknowledges that he needs to work on moderating that instinct. "If I had another incident like the Ngata hit, I'm out of the game. You pull yourself out at that point. You learn from your mistakes."

Roster Construction: Defense | Fanspeak.com

How many defensive players can and should the Redskins keep at each position.

Need to Know: Nixon missing from UDFA list - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
"They actually called during the draft and told me they had used their last pick, and they were surprised to see me still on the board at that point and they would pick me up after the draft was over,'' Nixon said Sunday. "That pretty much made my decision right there. It's just a great opportunity to get to display my talent and show people the kind of person I can be with the team and around the community.''

Brandon Meriweather keeping focus on training camp | National Football Post
Redskins safety aims to be healthy in time

The Redskins Blog | Position Switch Was Right For Reed
When Jordan Reed left his home state of Connecticut to play for Florida, he dreamed of playing quarterback. The versatile threat at New Haven High School threw for 1,707 yards and 28 touchdowns while also rushing for 370 yards and eight scores.

Suspension Helped Rambo Prioritize Life
"It was a very selfish decision I made, but I grew from it," he told the media after the Redskins selected him with the 191st overall pick. "It helped me put my priorities in order and just take every moment as it comes. It helped me be a better person, mentally strong."

Note to NFL prospects next year: If you’re invited to the Senior Bowl… Go. – Blogging the bEast

Around the NFC East: Draft Grades

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