HTTR mock drat #2

I know mock drat is perfect everyone wont like the picks but this would be a perfect skins mock draft to me

2 ROUND - dj swearinger FS - anyone who has followed my blogs know i love this pick and personally would take him with a first round pick...hard hitting brings the pain like we have never seen since the late great Sean Taylor..and landry .( sean taylor his fav player he wears num 36) hardest hitting safety in the draft and good with covering sometimes asked to play corner at South Carolina.

3rd round- Shamarko Thomas - strong safety reminds me of bob sanders. he ran a 4.42 was the fastest of all safeties. he is a great blitzer a bit short but makes up for it with football IQ covers alot of ground. i know i picked up a safety early in this draft but you seen us this year we need help at both spots. when playing in the box his speeds make opponets YAC very low because he closes so well.

4TH -B.W Webb CB - Webb has the skill set to come in and be an immediate playmaker in the NFL at 5’10” and 184 pounds, making him a better size fit to play inside as a nickel/dime cornerback than on the outside. Webb displays good coverage instincts on the football field, and has a great deal of experience as a four-year starter for the Tribe. Webb’s greatest strength may be his ball skills. He does a great job using his closing speed to break quickly on thrown passes, has the leaping ability to tip throws away from receivers and is very active with his hands. He makes up for his lack of length with his timing on making plays on the ball.

5Th - Devin Taylor ( i opted to go with a Offensive tackle with this pick but i honestly dont think well find a starter and are better off going with polumbus who would have another year in the system and sign a veteran.)

ok now in to Taylor injuries to Orakpo and other members of the front seven caused us to have to dial up alot of blitzes and put our dbs in tough situations. Taylor a 6'8 versatile d end had the ability to play 4-3 and stand in the 3-4 tall lengthy has the ability to use his frame to pass rush and we all know we need pass rushers who can get there with out the blitz.

5th #2 - Kenjon Barner RB -has surprising speed to get to the corner and outrun chasing defenders. His quickness is also very subtle, with quick adjustments on the fly to get yards after contact or elude tacklers. He is a fluid athlete with loose hips and smooth stride that gobbles up yards. Barner is a good receiver out of the backfield and can also provide punch as a kick returner.use to playing in a system like ours compliments Morris well and we can use him same way 49ers use lemichael james.

6Th - ConnerVeron Wr- good receiver in the air who understands how to get his body between the defender and the ball in flight. He is also a sharp route runner, and can also contribute as an effective kick and punt returner.ACC record holder in yards in receptions with moss getting old i think he can end up being a very effective slot WR

7th round - Joseph Fauria 6'7 245 TE big, athletic pass-catcher did exactly that a season ago. Despite inconsistency at the quarterback position, Fauria emerged as a standout for the Bruins, hauling in 39 passes for 481 yards and six scores. i for one want us to get fred back but his ability as a mismatch in the passing game. While not a speed threat in the Jimmy Grahammold, Fauria shows impressive flexibility and agility as a route-runner, soft hands to make tough catches and the combination of strength, fluidity and leaping ability Adds a Great weapon and redzone threat for RG3

Thats my mock and i think these additions would make the 2013 Redskins more dangerous team. i didnt go lineback (inside) like everyone wants to do because of the age of Fletcher but i have faith in keenan Robinson and that perry riley can replace fletch and K Rob can take over for Riley. didnt go Oline because didnt think we can Find one to come in and start more of project O line

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