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This is from some odds and ends meandering around the Advanced Statistics Site
1/ Team Stat Visualizations
2012 Offense
Regular Season (excludes the Skins playoff loss to the Seahawks)
In the regular season, the Skins were ranked 2nd in the metrics of this table as it is initially sorted, i.e., the “Off EPA”. “Stats are explained at the Advanced NFL Stats glossary page.” You can click on the table header to take you to the explanations that are in the glossary.

When this table is sorted by “Run WPA” the Skins had the highest figure of 2.37 (first) of all the NFL teams. On the other hand when the table is sorted by “Pass WPA” the Team was ranked 17th with a figure of 1.85 or near the middle of all NFL teams.

Some of these stats are expressed as graphics for all of the NFL teams. I can’t say that I can make sense out of these graphs at this point in time.

2/ “At the core, the offensive line's job is to prevent the defensive line, and in most cases the linebackers, from doing their jobs. The lower the success of the defensive front seven, the higher the success of the offensive line. In fact, there's not much more to it than that. It doesn't matter whether a block is a quick chip or a Michael-Oher-from-Blindside-drive-block through the back of the end zone, as long as it prevents the defender from making the play. Realistically, an offensive lineman can do no better than prevent his counterpart from making a play.

3/ “Playing Moneyball in the NFL is about jettisoning expensive and under-producing veterans, rejecting the big-splash free agent, and stockpiling draft picks. There are two ways of generating those picks. First, you can trade away soon-to-be free agents to other teams in return for picks or allow restricted free agents to sign elsewhere in return for compensatory picks. For too long, the Redskins have been on the wrong end of those transactions. …
The second way is to trade picks for more picks. Overconfidence and urgency run rife in personnel departments around the league, and smart teams can take advantage of this.”
There’s one model NFL team that’s in continuous Moneyball rebuilding mode.”

How the Redskins can rebuild like the Patriots

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