Phillip Thomas film breakdown

Phillip Thomas


vs Tulsa

Thomas plays great up in the box and defiantly showed the ability to play in the box at the next level.

He has a great knack for the ball and is great at filling lanes during running plays.

He is good at covering halves playing cover two and is not afraid to lay it on the receivers but within the rules and regs of hitting (unlike a lot of DJ Swearingers hits).

Vs boise state

One thing that I can tell is this kid is very strong, and is great at pressing guys trying to block him and shedding them.

I keep talking about being physical but on a goaline play, he had outside containment, he took on the blocker with his inside shoulder, shedded the blocker who was twice his size, and took a guy down that was 6 1’ 250 pounds by riding him and taking him down with out the guy getting any yards, that is impressive.

A couple plays later he is playing a deep half again as a FS type, the running back shredded the defense and Thomas showed the ability to come up and make the open field tackle as the last line of defense.

I’ll tell you what, after watching this game, he did miss two tackles, but he’s about a sure of a tackler as you can get as a safety.

Vs Oregon

I went back and watch Thomas against Oregon for the third time. Now that he’s a redskin maybe it changed my mind on his performance. Maybe it’s because I’m a homer or maybe it’s not. Regardless, no doubt Thomas missed some tackles that he could have made, but his team did not exactly match up well against Oregon. His teammates really left him out on an island and did not set him up for success. He did come up with a fumble recovery, a sack, a forced fumble, multiple Quarterback hurries, and had some other big plays. I think this game hurt his stock, and I don’t think it should have.

When Thomas does hit you, very rarely do you see the runner or receiver get any other yardage at all. You can tell he has a knack to be a great SS for our team, but could also play centerfielder. Thomas is extremely versatile as a safety, and I can see why the skins regime drafted him considering they want both their safeties to be interchangeable. He needs some coaching up, but when he runs downhill and breaks on a ball, the kid is twitchy, he doesn’t have that long speed, but with his instincts and the ability to recognize routes he is going to be just fine. I really like the angles Phillip Thomas takes if a runner breaks a play. I truly do not understand why he went into the 4th round other then there was a ton of depth in this draft. Thomas is going to start this year in my opinion, there’s no doubt about it.

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