Not Another Mock Draft...

With the 2013 NFL Draft just days away, I still refuse to attempt a mock draft for my beloved Redskins. Sure, I have reviewed many great options for Safety’s, Cornerbacks, OT’s, blah blah blah…and even contemplated doing my own Mock Draft. However, several thoughts stopped me this year. ..

First, looking back at Shanahan’s draft style, there’s really no mocking it aside from maybe the first pick (usually 1st Rd). How many media moguls or fans had the Redskins choosing an Alfred Morris last year? No one! Add the shocker pick of Kirk Cousins (which unlike many, I loved it from the beginning). There are too many details that fans don’t have at our fingertips. For example, I cannot find much information on weather key players were Team Captains or not. Also, most off-the-field/work ethic issues are only published if it hit media attention (or jail time). Character can be difficult to gauge from afar. We do know that Shanahan will select the following players;

  • Good Character
  • Team Captains
  • Fits Team System
  • Team Players

Personally, I totally believe in this philosophy. Why take a risk in drafting a character issue that leads to team distractions (Honeybadger? – No Thanks). Let Dallas or Philly risk a pick on these guys and we can sit by and grin as they are fined, suspended, and going to jail in a few years.

Second, in the past I (along with many fans) needed the offseason championship to fill a winning-less void (which previously rested a pumping heart). Finally, I have complete faith in the current coaching and management team. I feel good about leaving the real work for the professionals. We don’t have to make up for miss-management and bad coaching in Washington anymore! Enjoy it! RELAX!

Third, I simply want to devote more time in researching our actual picks. So, as the REAL picks come – I will be then doing my research and possibly write a follow-up article about my thoughts. Besides, it sucks to know great talent that your team (for many reasons) did not draft. For example, I really wanted Mohammad Sanu in the middle rounds of last year’s draft. And, of course he scores the Bengal’s first play against my Skins. However, each team only gets so many picks and has to use them wisely.

In conclusion, here’s what I expect overall from the Washington Redskins 2013 draft.

  • A no-named player in the 4th or 5th Round (leaves you scratching your head - until we do our research anyway.
  • A RB in the later rounds 6th or 7th Round most likely since it’s not a major need.
  • A Shocker Pick (either an option QB in the later rounds or a WR – 2nd or 3rd Round). Many are really high on Cousins now, but he doesn’t fit the overall offensive scheme and will be great trade bait next offseason. We need more options at WR for competition and push Hankerson to step up or warm up another team’s bench.
  • 2 or 3 DB’s only. Some are projecting the Redskins getting 5+ DB’s and that’s highly unlikely. Doing that would negate positions such as LB, which we saw what happened with Orapko injured. You must grab the best player available as much as possible.

See you on the flip side of the draft…HTTR!!

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