Trade Up?

The Redskins clearly need help at the Free Safety spot. We can't afford a decent enough free agent due to Maragate and really can't gamble that a lower round draft pick can ever be relied upon to start, let alone in their rookie year.

We already have established that we retained 21 of 22 starters from last year and it's well publicized how little cash we have available for any signings, even our incoming draft picks.

I'm wondering if there may be a scheme in which we trade up to get a couple higher tier guys for this year to get more bang for our tight bucks.

Also, we need a safety badly, but so do a lot of other teams. In fact, the Cowboys, Eagles, Rams, and Jaguars each could be considered to be in a “code red” situation at safety, with both of their current starters bringing low values to their respective teams and they all pick twice before we do.

In addition, per Rich Tandler, the following teams are all prime candidates to look to safety in this draft and all pick before us:

Lions 5, 36
Cardinals 7, 38
Bills 8,41
Jets 3, 39
Chargers 11, 45
Steelers 17, 48
Vikings 23, 25

With these stats, I don't like the odds of us sitting until 51 and expecting to pick up anybody of quality. The stark reality, looking at that picture, is not a good one.

One scenario that would help all around as a Band-Aid for this year is to make a couple trades. Here's my projection; let me know what you think:

Trade 1:

Trade our 2nd round pick, our 2013 5th round pick, and 2014 5th round pick to the Rams for their 2nd 1st round pick (#22 overall).

Why make this trade?

Yes, I know it would continue the gradual handover of our future picks to the same organization that we had to leverage everything for to get RGIII, but by doing this, we would lock in one of the top 3 available safeties. We would precede every single safety-hungry team before they get to their second picks. I know that giving up 3 picks is a lot, but we really need a losing the 2 5th round picks over these two subsequent years may hurt a little, but it may be a chance well worth the cost.

Trade 2:

Trade our 3rd round pick and our 2nd 2013 5th round pick to move up to a mid-to-late 2nd round pick.

Why make this trade?

We could grab a CB with very high potential. We would essentially sacrifice a 5th rounder for a real chance to potentially get a significant role player at a spot of need even this year. That's rare for a 3rd round pick, so packaging it with the 5th for the 2nd makes sense. Don't they always say 'A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush' anyway?

Trade 3:

Trade down our 6th round pick to pick up a couple 7th rounders.

Why make this trade?

Picks, picks, picks. At this point, more bodies just increase the odds of finding a rare late round gem

So, for the remaining picks, I would round it out as follows:

Round 4: RT - because I'm just not comfortable saying we have the right man yet and developable, starting talent can be found here
Round 7: best TE/ILB/WR/NT available
Round 7: best TE/ILB/WR/NT available
Round 7: best TE/ILB/WR/NT available

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