Prepare for the NFL Draft with new app for Skins history

Hey all,

A buddy of mine recently created an app called "Draftpedia" that tracks NFL draft data, rosters, and statistics from the last 40+ years. It lets you sort the data in a lot of different ways (including by college) and then allows you to see year-by-year stats for every player. It should be a great reference tool for sports history and random trivia.

If you're interested, here's the download link for iPhones/iPads (it's free):


Here's a press release from the Wall Street Journal (

Draftpedia's iPhone App Launches for All NBA & NFL Draft Fans

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - April 17, 2013) - Draftpedia, the only iPhone app with NFL & NBA draft history, is now available free in the App Store. Built exclusively for mobile, Draftpedia has 30+ years of draft history, past team rosters, draft info for every player's alma mater and statistics for every current player.

Roommates David Rabie and Joe Sarafian hatched the idea for Draftpedia on the couch during a Clipper game. Discussing Kenyon Martin's historically poor draft class, Joe asked why consumers had to rely on searching Wikipedia for the answer. "As Gen Y sports enthusiasts, what has driven us this entire time is to build an app that makes our lives easier," said David Rabie, Co-Founder.

"Given the competition, we knew that our edge would come with speed, efficiency and design. We built a database of information that is stored within the app -- eliminating any loading time between screens and allowing the app to function offline," said Co-Founder Joe Sarafian. The information is presented in clear, easy-to-use tables and is all linkable, offering multiple ways for users to navigate within the app.

Launching just in time for the 2013 NFL Draft, Draftpedia is the ultimate reference guide for any sports fan looking for historical data including:

-- 40+ Years of Past Drafts

-- 30 Years of Team Rosters

-- Every Division 1 College's NFL/NBA Alumni

-- Breakdown by Nationality (NBA) and Pick (NFL)

-- Statistics for Every Current Player

"Next time you're debating a player's alma mater or comparing draft classes, Draftpedia is your best solution," said Rabie.

About Draftpedia

Draftpedia consolidates information about past NFL & NBA drafts in a convenient and fast iPhone app. It has every draft year of the modern era, lists of professional players from every D1 College, past rosters for every team and statistics for every current player. Founded in 2012, Draftpedia is based in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit

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