All-Time Redskins Team

Here's a fun little exercise for the off-season.

Who would line-up for your all-time Redskins team? Lot of Hall-of-Famers and some that probably should have been enshrined. I'm going all the way back to the inception of the franchise, but feel free to just list the players you have watched over the years. Here's mine:

QB: Sammy Baugh - never saw him play, but the stats speak for themselves. A champion, an all-time great and the only NFL player to lead the league in Passing Yards, Punting Avg. and Interceptions in the same season. Enough said.
RB: Larry Brown - the heart-and-soul of the George Allen teams of the early-mid 70's. Was only the 3rd NFL player to rush for over 5K yards in his first five season. 1972 NFL MVP. Were it not for injuries, he'd have a bust in Canton right now.
RB: John Riggins - the Diesel. Rampaged through defenses in the 1983 playoffs and the memorable TD run, stiff-arming helpless Miami defender Don McNeil on his way to the end zone.
WR: Charley Taylor - Retired as the all-time NFL leader in receptions. Scored 2 TD's in the 1972 NFL Championship game vs. the hated Cowboys. A converted RB who made a seamless transition to WR.
WR: Art Monk - Another converted RB, he also retired as the NFL's all-time leader in receptions. A class act, the best of a talented trio of WR's and a worthy Hall-of-Famer. TE: Jerry Smith - Great receiver for the 70's Skins.
OT: Joe Jacoby - Fearsome LT of the Hogs that dominated defenses in the 80's.
OT: Joe Lachey - Thought about Chris Samuels here, but when healthy, Lachey was dominant, particularly during the Skins' 1991 championship run.
C: Len Hauss - Stalwart member of the George Allen Skins teams.
G: Russ Grimm - Teamed w/Jacoby to form a dominant left side of the line during the Hogs glory days.
G: Ron Saul - Underrated and underappreciated lineman for the late 70's Skins.

Defense - Going 4-3 here:
DE: Dexter Manley - was unblockable at times and a stone-cold sack machine.
DT: Dave Butz - that scarred up old helmet of his was indicative of his blue-collar play. Played in a 4-3, but no doubt would have been an awesome Nose Tackle.
DT: Coy Bacon - I know he was really a DE, but couldn't think of anyone better than Daryl Grant for this slot, and I'd love to see the havoc this D-line could wreak on opposing offenses w/these pass-rushing phenoms.
DE: Charles Mann - paired w/Manley, gave the Skins a fearsome pass rush during the glory days.
LB: Chris Hanburger - an undersized playmaker w/a nose for the ball. Finally got his just due w/his recent Hall-of-Fame induction.
LB: London Fletcher - consummate professional, tackling machine, great leader and still kicking ass at age 36.
LB: Wilbur Marshall - never saw a Redskin LB play better than he did in 1991. An absolute playmaker and the catalyst to that great defense.
CB: Darrell Green - the world's fastest man became a sure tackler and excellent cover man. First ballot Hall-of-Famer for a reason.
SS: Kenny Houston - he and Jack Tatum paved the way for Ronnie Lott, and this guy was a hell of a playmaker maker as his interception totals suggest.
FS: Mark Murphy - underrated tackler and grabbed a lot of picks in his time.
CB: Champ Bailey - Still can't believe we traded him away (along w/a second round pick!) for Portis.

P: Sammy Baugh - save a roster spot, and what a leg!
K: Mark Moseley - last of the straight-on kickers and the 1982 MVP!
KR: Brian Mitchell - thought of putting Mike Nelms in here, but Mitchell was a phenomenal kick returner, a great leader who backed down from nobody, and a solid RB and back-up QB to boot.

Coach: Joe Gibbs - Apologies to George Allen and Lombardi, but this is a no-brainer. Won 3 Super Bowls w/3 different QBs. That will never be done again.

What do you think?
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