Redskins Big Board: Cornerbacks


My Big Board for the Redskins Cornerback Prospects.

In an attempt to set my final big board moving into April, I have begun breaking down my top positions of need for the Redskins into tiers. Each of these tiers has a specific criteria in which I will attempt to place prospects for my rating purposes.

I wanted to share with you my first draft tier, which is cornerbacks. I have set my tier criteria, then placed the prospects I would like to see us target into a specific tier. This is in essence my Big Board for the position.

I don't expect much changes between now and the draft, besides a few minor moves here and there. I urge you to throw some constructive criticism my way if you think I have a prospect rated differently than you may view him. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get me to change my mind.

Tier Explanations:

Tier 1: These are players who should be able to contribute immediately, either as a starter or in sub packages. They are scheme-diverse, and would be worthy of our top draft selection(2nd round pick). Very few physical limitations.

Tier 2: These players could contribute early, but it would have to be in the right scheme. Some of these prospects have physical limitations, as well as technique flaws, but most can be overcome. These would be considerations for our 3rd round selection.

Tier 3: These players would be situational guys, who would be scheme or position specific(for instance - slot corner). These are players that may have both physical and technical flaws, and would be best served starting in a reserve role, and learning from coaches and veterans. May contribute on a limited basis in sub packages, or on special teams. Could be a future starter down the road. May be considered tweeners. These players would be options at our 4th round pick.

Tier 4: These players would be considered developmental prospects, and although some may surprise and contribute early, none should be counted on to do so. Draft options range from 5th-undrafted free agent.

Tier 1:

Johnthan Banks

Jamar Taylor

David Amerson

Robert Alford

Tier 2:

Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Logan Ryan

Tyrann Mathieu

Tharold Simon

Tier 3:

Darius Slay

Jordan Poyer

B.W. Webb

Brandon McGee

Leon McFadden

Sanders Commings

Tier 4:

Dwayne Gratz

Terry Hawthorne

Josh Johnson

Johnny Adams

Rod Sweeting

Nigel Malone

Stephon Morris

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