Redskins #MockFour Results

Jeff Zelevansky

A recap of how the Redskins fared in the #MockFour Twitter draft.

Once again I had the chance to handle the Redskins in the #MockFour Twitter draft . This draft takes bloggers and fans from every NFL fanbase and allows them to run their draft, including allowing them to make trades. What also makes this draft unique is the fact that teams have multiple G.M's, so there is more than one voice in the War room. The Redskins were no exceptions as I was joined by Hog Hunter, UKRedskin, ENsDad7, Kelsie Carpenter (not sure if he's on HH), and last but certainly not least Ken Meringolo.

For a Full breakdown of our picks and the reasons behind them:

2nd round Pick 51 CB Jamar Taylor, Boise State
3rd round Pick 85 TE Jordan Reed, Florida (note this was done well before Fred Davis re-signed)
4th round Pick 121 S Duke Williams, Nevada (note we swapped picks with the Texans and got their 7th rounder)
5th round Pick 147 OT David Quessenberry, San Jose State
5th round Pick 155 CB Will Davis, Utah State
6th round Pick 181 RB Jawan Jamison, Rutgers
7th round Pick 212 OLB Travis Johnson, San Jose State
7th round Pick 217 WR Jasper Collins, Mount Union

Some of our Draft Notes:

-We considered Safety in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but the value just wasn't there. A number of safeties wen't surprisingly high.

-We were actively looking for trades with our first three round picks, but teams were pretty stingy with offers. Though the Texans offer wasn't that much, we appreciated adding another pick and we knew we'd still get a guy we'd like in the 4th.

-Again Fred Davis wasn't re-signed yet so that is why we went Jordan Reed.

-This was a bit of a different draft than we've done before, but we still hit a lot of key areas:

2 CB's, a S, an OT (with positional flexibility), a TE (which at the time was a big need), change of pace back, pass rushing depth and a slot receiver.

-Also we felt we got a lot of good value with these picks. Guys like Quessenberry, Davis and Jamison easily could have been gone a round to a round and a half higher.

Tell us what you think? How did we fare?

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