Projecting Redskins win and losses for the 2013 schedule

Yeah I know it’s still early, free agency isn’t over yet and we haven’t had the draft but given the cap penalty the Redskins aren’t making the news they usually make so I thought I’d fill up the time looking ahead. I’ve seen some posts talking about how tough our schedule is and I do see some good teams on our schedule but I think people forget that all we have do to is win our division. While usually the NFC east is the NFC beast, I think next year that distinction will fall to the NFC west which boasts 2 loaded playoff teams in the 49ers and Seahawks, an improving Rams team and while I don’t expect the Cardinals to be in the playoffs I have a ton of respect for the job Bruce Arians did last year with the Colts and think the Cards will be decent. I think the Redskins will exactly match their division record of a year ago, we’ll sweep the re-building Eagles and the Tony Romo/Jerry Jones (nuff said) Cowboys, and split the home and away with Giants, who will be our only real threat in the division. Let’s go through the games (in no particular order since we don’t yet know the time and days):

@ Minnesota - I can’t figure out the Percy Harvin trade. He’s the type of player EVERY team in the league would want. Is he that much of a diva? Seattle either got much better or Harvin is actually more trouble than he’s worth. I don’t know and only time will tell. The Vikings were a playoff team but they didn’t get any better. Redskins win.

Detroit - The Lions are an interesting team and I do think Reggie Bush will help them especially on that turf in Detroit but the Redskins are a better team. We may give up a lot of yards to Calvin Johnson but RG3 makes fewer mistakes than Mathew Stafford. Redskins win.

@ Philadelphia -New coaches, new players, I’ve always liked Michael Vick as a football player but he’s past his prime, been hit too many times and was never really that accurate. I’ve heard commentators say he should run the read option but that just seems like a concussion waiting to happen to me. Redskins win.

Kansas City - Kansas City will be better than they were but they’re re-building and as far as I’m concerned RG3 is 2 and 0 against Andy Reid. Redskins win.

@ Dallas - Tony Romo is the best bad quarterback in the NFL. Quarterbacks are measured in wins and clutch moments, he is not that guy. As a Redskins fan I LOVE that Tony Romo is the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback and that Jerry Jones won’t fire himself. Love it. Redskins win.

Philadelphia - Same as before, they’re re-building and Michael Vick is not what he was. Redskins win.

@Atlanta - A playoff team that’s lost a couple defensive players (Dunta Robinson and John Abraham) but I think got getter with Steven Jackson who is a beast. It’ll be a good test for a young Redskins team but Atlanta is loaded. Falcons win.

Dallas - Dallas is stuck in mediocrity and I don’t see any evidence to make me think that will change. Redskins win.

@ Oakland - The Raiders are a mess. I predict that all week we will hear about what a good job Terrell Pryor is doing imitating RG3 on the scout team, it won’t help. Redskins win.

San Francisco -The defending NFC champions added Anquan Bolden, Glen Dorsey and have more than 10 picks in the upcoming draft. 49ers win.

@ New York - The cliché is that the Giants are impossible to predict and the cliché is true. I do think losing a leader and player like Osi Umenyiora (update: He just signed a 2-year deal with the Falcons) will hurt them but I have enough respect for Eli and Coughlin to think they’ll be in the mix. Giants win.

New York - I respect Eli and Coughlin as I said before but I think their time in this division is past, the Redskins easily have the best quarterback in the division and quarterbacks win games (especially at home). Redskins win.

@ Denver - Peyton Manning, Von Miller, Wes Welker. A loaded playoff team who added a receiver who can say : " All I do is catch more than a 100 passes every season". Plus they’re at home. Broncos win.

Chicago - This is tough one, the Bears have a new offensive minded coach who I believe will help Jay Cutler but without Lovie Smith and Brian Urlacher are they going to be as good on defense? I may change my mind. Bears win.

@ Green Bay -This is another tough one because while I think Aaron Rodgers is maybe the best quarterback in the league, they lost Greg Jennings and they’re about to lose Charles Woodson. I think the Redskins can steal this one but it’s hard to go against Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Packers win.

San Diego - The Chargers are a bit of a mystery but to they seem to be an older under achieving team. I don’t think they have enough to beat the Redskins at home. Redskins win.

Now this projects out to 10-6 with a 5-1 mark in the division. I gave the Redskins losses against the Bears, the Packers, the Giants in New York and the Falcons but to me those games are toss ups. Feel free to leave your comments below and let me know what you guys think.

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