Redskins returning from injury

With all the talk about the cap penalty and the lack of a 1st round pick I thought I’d point out all the Redskins who will be returning from injury especially since some of them barely played all year. While it’s true Washington won’t get any big free agents or a 1st round pick, I think the return of these guys should help the Redskins remain the best team in the NFC east (I put Fred Davis on the list…call it positive thinking):

RG3 When healthy he’s a potential league MVP. Nuff said.

Brian Orakpo Rak has a lot to prove and most likely needs a double digit sack season to satisfy himself and the Redskins.

Adam Carriker I’ve never been as big on Carriker as some people but I do think the Redskins have a top 10 defensive front seven and Carriker adds solidly to add that whether he or Jarvis Jenkins starts.

Brandon Meriweather This is a tough one, in one half of football in 2012 Meriweather looked incredible. He was flying around the field, making tackles and got a pic. It feels like a big if but if he can stay healthy…

Fred Davis Like I said positive thinking (update: Apparently the positive thinking worked as Fred Davis just signed a 1-year deal to return to the Redskins). Fred Davis has the talent to be as good as any of these great young tight ends and with RG3 as his quarterback I think he has a break out year next year. With Brandon Weeden, Mark Sanchez or whoever the Buffalo Bills quarterback will be as his quarterback…not so much. (think about it Fred)

Pierre Garcon Pierre showed heart and played most of the year with a painful injury. Next year that heart and a healthy foot should give him his first 1,000 yard season.

Josh Morgan Josh showed toughness and turns out he was hurt and we didn’t know it, so hopefully coming into next season healthy will help him have an even better year.

London FletcherThe Captain is a coach on the field and off and even at 38 If he’s healthy he’ll be fine.

Sav Rocca He had an off year but being healthy he should bounce back to his normal form.

Trent Williams Trent played at a pro-bowl level with a right knee injury he suffered early in the year against Cincinnati. How good will he be next year when he’s healthy? Exactly.

Keenan Robinson Robinson gives the Redskins a backup at inside linebacker but the jury’s still out on how good he is.

Jordan Bernstein We don’t know much about Bernstein except for the fact that Shannahan and Haslet like him and were planning on playing him. That’s not much information but considering how much help we need in the secondary every man helps.

Chase Minnifield I hesitated on whether to add him because well he’s never done anything and he’s been hurt (not a good start). But the Redskins need cornerbacks and Minnifield has the pedigree to potentially be one. Best I can say about him is wait and see.

(Update : I forgot about Roy Helu...I think the reason I forgot about Roy is I have a feeling he won't be a Redskin next year. He has great speed, good hands and is pretty much what we need out of a 3rd down back BUT my opinion is he's injury prone and as a result will either not make the roster or have little to no impact. Couple this with the fact that Shanahan always finds late round running-backs and I just have a feeling that Roy's going to get replaced.)

Now not every man on this list missed games but even those that played were playing pretty hurt. I think signing Fred Davis is huge but aside for that if all those guys come back healthy they should help make up for the lack of free agents/1st round pick. Couple that with what I think will be down years for the other NFC east teams and the Redskins should make the playoffs in consecutive seasons. Tell me what you think!

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