Daily Slop: John Mara OK With Villain Status in D.C; Redskins Expecting to Re-sign Rex Grossman

Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Shanahan: Moss Retained Because He Has Upside " CBS DC
Mike Shanahan explained why the Redskins retained Santana Moss after the team saved $2 million dollars by re-working his deal.

Redskins Expecting to Re-sign Rex Grossman " CBS DC
Mike Shanahan expects to have Rex Grossman back as a backup quarterback in 2013.

The Redskins Blog | Redskins’ O-Line Injected With New Blood
The Washington Redskins have had well-documented struggles against the salary cap this offseason, but continue to address the depth and competition along the offensive line. In addition to retaining starting right tackle Tyler Polumbus, the Redskins injected some new blood with longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers tackle Jeremy Trueblood.

Robert Griffin III must learn to protect himself better, Coach Mike Shanahan says
"You can’t take shots consistently," Shanahan said at the annual league meeting in Phoenix.

Redskins Retain Most Of Championship Team
"You always want to have continuity, if you can. You want to have the right guys on your football team," he told the media at Redskins Park. "That is where our game plan is."

Ranking the Redskins Interior Offensive Line Depth- Fanspeak.com

Ranking the Redskins current options at guard and center for the 2013 season.

John Mara OK with villain status in D.C. - NFC East Blog - ESPN
It was at these meetings last March when he told reporters the Redskins violated "the spirit of the salary cap" during the uncapped 2010 season. "Quite frankly, I think they’re lucky they didn’t lose draft picks," he said. Mara believes those words prompted his vilification. "I think that’s where it comes from, but it’s over and done with," he said. "It didn’t exactly hurt them. They put together a hell of a team last year."

Can Robert Griffin III keep himself safe? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Redskins coach Mike Shanahan says it's important for Griffin to work on ways of keeping himself safe on the field -- throwing the ball away when it's called for, sliding at the end of runs. These are things Shanahan believes Griffin hasn't had to do in the past, as he dominated at the college

Redskins 2014: Money to spend, needs to fill | CSN Washington

It’s actually kind of a good news/bad news scenario for the Redskins’ 2014 offseason. The good news is that they should have a lot more cap money to spend. The bad news is that 14 players who are expected to play key roles this season will be unrestricted free agents, including seven starters.

Mike Shanahan pleased with how Redskins have executed their backup plan in free agency - Washington Times

"Going in, we knew exactly the penalty we had," Shanahan said Wednesday at the owners’ meetings. "When you know that going in, you know what to expect. So there was no surprises for us. We had a game plan for it. We were hoping we wouldn’t have to execute that game plan, but it’s here, and we dealt with it."

Redskins' pass defense an offseason work in progress - Washington Times

"We’ve got a game plan to fill all the different positions," he continued. "I think the key will be this offseason to see how these guys step up and play. I can’t tell you right now which guy is going to be the guy who steps up, but we do have a few guys that have the ability to be starters. Do they take advantage of it or not? It’s really hard to say."

Need to Know: Overreaction to 'helmet rule'? - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

"I look at this rule and I say, at some point I think we’re crossing a line," Mayock said. "To me, a running back has got to be able to drop his pad level. And when a running back drops his pad level, his head goes with it. That’s just the way you play football."

NFL medical committee not contemplating changes to injury protocol based on Griffin case

"We haven’t really addressed that," York said. "I don’t know whether we should address that. And I don’t have enough details about the RGIII injury and how it was handled or any of those things. So… I’m speaking about things that are too hypothetical. I’m not trying to avoid you. But it’s too hypothetical."

Bears make Urlacher insulting offer before walking away | ProFootballTalk

The Bears fired a coach who won 10 games last year, so it's no surprise they're taking a "just-a-business" approach. But the way they treated Brian Urlacher on the way out the door borders on insulting.

Ed Reed has deal to sign with Houston Texans - CBSSports.com

The Houston Texans have landed future Hall of Famer Ed Reed, the star safety who has played his entire career with the Ravens.

Pro Bowl gets reprieve, will be played next year

After previous threats to get rid of the game if the quality of it could not be improved, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday as the annual league meeting concluded in Phoenix that the game will be played next year. It will be held in Hawaii on the weekend prior to the Super Bowl, Goodell said.

NFL restricts use of helmet by ball-carriers, tacklers

"I just don’t think it’s that big of a change for us coaches," Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh said earlier this week. "We just don’t coach [hitting with] the crown of the helmet. No coach at any level coaches the crown of the helmet. It’s just not part of football."

NFL bids less-than-fond farewell to ‘tuck rule’

The NFL bid a less-than-fond farewell Wednesday to the once-obscure "tuck rule" that came to prominence 11 years ago when it played a central role in deciding a playoff game and launching a football dynasty.

Full Court Press - March Madness Pick-em show from Fanspeak.com

Parks Smith and Steve Shoup run through their entire brackets and highlight their picks for the Hogs Haven Bracket Challenge . Make your picks by noon today!

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