I Am Offended!!!

With all the political correctness BS out there and the push to change the Redskins name because it offends a small percentage of a minority group, I've decided to make my own list of offensive team names. I would like to point out that I am a native American, not because of any tribal heritage (I don't have much, if any), but because I was born in the good 'ol USA, and when I am out in the sun too long, my white skin does turn red. I am in no way insulted or offended by the name Redskins, and am in fact proud of the name. I would also like to say I am truly sorry for anybody who might be offended by anything I say. My intent is to bring up awareness, not insult.

Atheists might find name Saints offensive

The term Vikings gives a stereotypical and historically incorrect perception of Norwegians.

The Cowboy is derogatory term for someone who is reckless or ignores potential risks, irresponsible or who heedlessly handles a sensitive or dangerous task. Outside the US, cowboy refers to a tradesman whose work is shoddy and is questionable in value.

Giants could be offensive to both midgets and to people who suffer from gigantism, a medical condition that causes them to grow to significantly above average heights.

Buccaneers and Raiders could be offensive to anyone who sails because those people were pirates who would attack ships and steal from them by force. Plus, the Raiders logo is heavily associated with gang activity, which is offensive as well.

Anti-Americans might be offended by the Patriots.

Death row inmates might object to the Chargers.

Environmentalists could be offended by the Jets and Steelers.

Indigenous people could have a problem with the Chiefs.

Animal rights people might take issue with the Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Rams, Ravens, and Seahawks.

49ers might be offensive to Mexicans, Chinese, and miners.

Many people who aren't from Texas might be offended by Texans big egos and attitudes regarding size.

Homosexuals might very well be offended by the Packers.

People who like all these cool team names might find it offensive and lame that the Bills are named after a guy named Bill.

The Browns are downright racist.

There's a chance that scientists and Greeks could possibly be offended by the mythological Titans.

Do I seriously think any of these teams mean any offense when they came up with their names? Absolutely not. Honestly, I am offended by all those who want the attention for being "offended." I'm sorry that a few people have hurt feelings because there is a team named the Redskins. Are Irish-Americans up in arms over Notre Dame's Fighting Irish mascot? What about people of Celtic origins? Are they making a big stink about Boston's NBA team, especially since they even mispronounce the name? There are far better things to waste time and resources on than what somebody else decides to name a team they own. Grow some thicker skin and remember the saying "Sticks and stones..."


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