A letter to Ahmad Bradshaw

Dear Ahmad (can I call you that? MR. Bradshaw sounds too formal),
We all know you have been out of work since being cut by the Giants and you're probably weighing all of your options and where the best place for you to sign would be. Let me be the first to say I think it would be here in DC. Let's look at a few reasons why it would be a good fit for you.

First, let me preface this by saying that you know how strapped we are with the cap so you would have to weigh in, perhaps, proper fit for you vs bad fit and more money (not considerably more). With that said, although it's tough for players to live with the stigma of being injury-prone, you can't deny the fact that your physical style of running, and being the #1 RB are the main reasons behind that. You are also coming off foot surgery so don't think you're going to get paid where ever you go this year. So what if you weren't responsible for the inside running and banging, MOSTLY? What if you were to become a situational and 3rd down option out of the backfield? You could take our signature stretch zone play and be highly effective. Your pass blocking is still absolutely stellar and so is your receiving ablity. You are a natural running back with God-given skills at the RB position. You instinctively run with a low center-of-gravity that makes you tough to bring down as well as natural vision in the trenches. You decisively make you cut then use your vision to gain extra yards. Not like a certain RB I know by named Royster that likes to tap dance in the hole on the stretch play. Being a natural, you can run in any style offense, from the Pistol to spread offense, if need be.

You are a little injury prone, sure, but with your age at 26 and lessening your workload, I think you could still be almost as effective as before. That's because you wouldn't be counted on for the inside running. Although I think you can still do it on draw plays and 2nd and 10 situations.

I know that you have better offers like Pittsburgh where you could go and start but I don't think that's the role you need because of the number of carries you have had already. I know you probably think that you can be that man but it would shorten your career by 2 years. Your role in this offense would be defined by your 3rd down receiving, pass blocking and outside running abilities. You step right in and immediately contribute.

From your stats it seems like you're a "groove RB", meaning the more carries you get the better you get during a game. (From

Half Att Yds Avg Lng TD 1st
1st Half 115 459 4.0 17 3 25
2nd Half 106 556 5.2 37 3 31
Last Two Minutes of Half 13 88 6.8 15 1 6

I know that might be a problem for you but trust me, you would be much more effective in this type of role at this stage of your career. I have watched your film and it seems your body breaks down in the month of November because you have usually been run in the ground in the month of October. That wouldn't be an issue here. You could come here for one year contract and help us out cap-wise and if things work out, you could finish out your career here with cap numbers beneficial to both parties involved. Take care of us and we'll take care of you next year.

Ahmad this is the place for you to come to and be still be highly effective and prolong your career. You are a natural RB with the skill set to be functional in any offense. We could really use you in 3rd down situations, and 2nd and long situations as a receiver out of the backfield, or draw plays, and screen plays. Your pass blocking skills are stellar and you could OWN the stretch zone outside run play. So let's say you get that foot injury corrected and you come on in and sign with us, eh?

P.S. You would also be sticking it where the sun don't shine to that A$$hole Wellington Mara. It's a WIN-WIN situation for both parties involved. See you in OTA's.



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