Release the veterans...

We all know we got screwed with our current cap situation, and with free agency just two days away, there seems to be all but hope that we get any of that penalty money back.

With Hall with one foot out the door, and although it might not be the most appealing idea, i feel as though Moss and Fletcher should follow behind Deangelo.

Yes. Both Moss and Fletcher. My reasoning? Save cap money and force ourselves to continue building through the draft and finding key/affordable YOUNG players in free agency.

Release Fletcher. Yes. The leader and heartbeat of our defense. Its a tough thought to swallow but it makes sense. Fletcher is well beyond the bad side of 30 and isnt getting younger. We have a capable Riley to start, and a Keenan Robinson waiting on the sideline to show us what he can do. Yes, i get fletcher is arguably our best defensive player. Yes. I get the leadership Fletcher brings to the locker room. But, is ONE more year really worth wasting that cap money that could be used in better ways, with the very tight budget we have?

Hear me out...Both free agency and the draft are looking to be very deep in DB talent, although maybe not much elite talent, definitely very deep in starting caliber talent that we can get for a cheaper price than Hall, and definitely would come with more production. With this year looking very deep in secondary talent, sign a couple of DB's in free agency who fit the scheme and could start right away and to fill our Fletcherless void, draft a Manti Teo or Kevin Reddick with our second round pick.

Give the younger talent a chance to develop and give ourselves a chance to find a long term solution at the position through the draft rather than doing ourselves a disservice by holding on to London one more year.

The Moss releasing almost seems like a slap in the face to one of the faces of our franchise and maybe a tad bit of a risky move, but realistically, Moss is aging. His price tag isnt the largest, but its working against us. Robert is exceptionally fantastic at spreading the ball around the field (Garcon, Morgan, Hank, Moss all had 500+ yards) so the loss of moss, doesnt come with much of a down side. We all know that he has long been seen as our #1, although not being a true #1, and has done a lot for the organization and brought us a solid pass game. But again. This is not something we cant fix through the draft or free agency. Having a true #1, I realize, is no garuntee for success. But with a 6 million cap hit, i feel that money could go towards a younger player in free agency, and again, forces ourselves to keep building through the draft and at least gives us a chance to find that TRUE #1 guy.

We're in a sticky situation this year with our cap problems, and these players arent getting any younger, or better (Hall) Lets continue to find our franchise players that will be around for the long haul and can bring better production and more longevity to the franchise. Although maybe its not the smartest of plans, and maybe this is just a flat out bad idea, its also food for thought.


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