Keenan Robinson is the answer

With the threat of not returning and Getting up there and age London Fletcher the leader of our Defense and heart of

Our team won’t be a redskin for long. With that thought process a lot of people have us going linebacker in this draft or feel that it is a big need.

While I do to feel that it is an area that needs depth I don’t think it needs immediately addressing esp. through the draft.

`I feel that people are looking for Fletchers replacement when in fact we run a 3-4 with two middle backers so

So if anything Perry riley is the next man up. What we are really needing is Perry’s replacement. And I think

We have him already

Keenan Robinson - Robinson, at 6'3", 240 lbs, is a gifted athlete with 4.7 speed and good play recognition He may not have been the prototypical middle linebacker in college, but if Robinson is able to master the duties and general mindset required of middle linebackers, he will be a disruptive, athletic force in the middle of the Redskins defense in just a few short years. Robinson has played primarily on special teams this season, but he also has been used on certain pass-rushing situations and to spell 15-year veteran London Fletcher.

“I think he’ll be an every-down player for years to come,” Coach Mike Shanahan said in a teleconference. “The more experience he gets, obviously, the better he’s going
to be. He’s got speed, he’s got quickness, he’s not afraid to hit [and [extremely bright — that’s a big upside.”

Shanahan said that Robinson has impressed him in the limited action he has seen this season. The coach believes that the 6-foot-3, 238-pound Robinson has a bright future with the team.

During the tail end of the season he started to play more also According to the NFL, Robinson played 19 defense

Snaps (about 25 percent) in each of the last two games, wins over Philadelphia and Dallas in a five-day span. The

Fourth-round pick out of Texas also is a mainstay on the kickoff return and coverage units. When he wasn't replacing

Fletcher, he played some in the Redskins' sub packages, particularly in goal-line situations.

His teammates also agree

“He’s has a lot of athleticism, a nose for the ball, and he’s really good in pass coverage,” said third-year linebacker Perry Riley. “He’s going to be a good player, I can guarantee you that.”

So why everybody is looking to draft the next best thing for London I am here to tell you that there is no need to we have Perry to take his spot and have Robinson to Take Perrys spot and add extra elements to the Defense with his athleticism. I do think we need to add some depth but not risk one of our few draft picks on an Inside Linebacker


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