Redskins 2013 and Mock Draft 2.0 (Post Combine)

After one of the most memorable seasons in recent Redskins memory we go into the off season with hope but also caution/dread concerning RG3. This year we get 7 draft picks excluding the 1st and an extra 5th. In my opinion there is a lot of work to be done but the Redskins are trending to the top of the NFC East with the momentum gained this season.

Of our free agents the top 5 we should resign are:

1.) Darrell Young: perfect FB for the zone read and great back field threat. Not to mention the best backfield blocker we’ve had in a while.

2.) Fred Davis: Hopefully multi-year incentive deal, injury will dent the price, yet the full health report is a good sign. However the meeting with Mychal Rivera out of Tennessee at the Senior Bowl definitely indicates they are keeping options open (5th round here we go)

3.) Rob Jackson: With the possibility of Fletcher gone we need LB depth. He was a great filler for injury. We need to keep him at the right price.

4.) Lorenzo Alexander: Pro bowl? Special team’s beast, and unfortunately didn’t accept the first offer made but that’s just how contracts negotiation goes.

5.) Rex Grossman: 1 year, Veteran Minimum. Solid backup option. RG3 is injured and Cousins should be the starter game 1, don’t give me this Tebow crap.


For our free agency we'll explore the defensive back market and at least try to sign one DB (my bet is more likely a big S FA and a competition CB) and a RT for competition for our draft pick/ vet to tie the line together.

Possible FA targets given our cap situation:


C. Lynch (SD) My personal favorite FA target. My money’s on Lynch.

P. Chung (NE) Cap space recently made by Brady’s restructured deal could hinder a deal.

C. Clemons (MIA) Millions over in cap space, but multiple picks. Could decide to let him go.


G. Toler (ARZ) Under the radar target, apparently we are interested, contacted his agent.

C. Munnerlyn (CAR) Within our price range, and good replacement for Cedric Griffin.

Mike Jenkins (DAL) Not happy with his status and a little bit of a head case but solid.


Gosder Cherilus (DET) One of the best rate blockers available on the market. Fingers crossed, has weak spots to his game but still a vast improvement over Polumbus.

Winston Justice (IND) A cheap veteran to tie the line together and compete with draft picks and existing line prospects.

Barry Richardson(STL) Last look at RT, struggled in KC but worth a small incentive based deal for competition.

We won’t have the money to go after a WR so we'll develop in the draft because Hankerson isn’t completely panning out but he may turn it around. Morgan could be a solid no. 2 option give or take a year of full health. We all saw how Garcon was excellent this year even with the foot injury. Granted the cap hit of 18 million is going to hurt BAD (hopefully we can get some back with this hostage situation) and we are currently over cap by 4 million. we'll restructure ALOT of contracts. I believe Hall who is owed 7.5 million (great season ending effort) will be let go BUT if he does resign or restructure he would be a solid option going forward at least for one more year even though I’d rather cut ties and be done. Worst case we keep him as a stop gap. I think we will develop Minnefield (if he can get healthy), and Crawford (especially as KR). The rest of the FA we’ll most likely let go.

The options in each round will go with the best player available mentality and my mock draft is as follows:

If a top tier safety is available we'll swap 2nd and 4th round position picks.

Personally I believe the biggest needs are: FS, CB, RT, LB (depth), WR/ TE (Depth), G (depth), RB/FB/P (depending on who we keep in free agency).

I’m still narrowing down but best available player mentality comes into play.


2nd: Phillip Thomas (Fresno State), Jonathan Cyprien(FIU), David Amerson (NC +State)

2nd Pick: Phillip Thomas, FS

3rd:*Trade Down* Kyle Long (Oregon), Jordan Poyer(Oregon State), Terron Armstead (APB)

3rd Pick: Jordan Poyer, CB #2-3 (combine knocked his stock to 3rd round)

4th: (Trade Down Comp Pick) David Quessenberry (SJS), Duke Williams (Nevada), D.W. Webb (WMU)

4th Pick: David Quessenberry, RT/G

4th:*Trade Down* Mychal Rivera (Tenn), T.J. McDonald (USC), Conner Vernon(Slot)(Duke)

4th Pick: Mychal Rivera, TE

5th: Marquess Wilson (WSU), Vinson Painter (VT), Marcus Davis (VT)

5th Pick: Marquess Wilson, WR #4

5th: Kenon Barner (Oregon), A.J. Klein (Iowa State), Chris Harper (KSU)

5th Pick: A.J. Klein ILB

6th: Montori Hughes(Tenn-Martin), Rod Sweeting (GT) , Zach Line (SMU)

6th Pick: Montori Hughes, DL

6th: (Trading Down Comp Pick) Michael Williams (Bama), Omoregie Uzzi (GT), Nick Kasa (Colo),

6th Pick: Omoregie Uzzi, G

7th: Jeff Locke (UCLA), Tress Way (OSU), Jackson Rice(Oregon)

7th Pick: Tress Way, P

Let me know what you think!

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