I Can't Believe I'm Going To Say This ...

But when Dan Snyder and the Redskins blow this thing up this summer, should they consider moving RG3?

I've heard friends of mine say this and I called them trolls with my No. 10 jersey on. I've defended RG3 from day one, and I've never been a fan of Mike Shanahan. I think that his treatment of players is terrible and arbitrary. He was allowed to demean and belittle everyone from Albert Haynesworth to Fred Davis, instead of working to coach up their talents.

But its clear that drama follows Robert Griffin III. This situation is a two-way street, and while Shanny is a dictatorial ass, Griffin appears to have been more than willing to be insubordinate and go around the coach's back. You can't have that. You just can't. While Shanahan is an easy person to hate, are we willing to take the chance this won't happen again?

I understand the investment that was made in Griffin, and I've been a huge defender of his. But more than his personality or entourage, its his injury that concerns me. Two devastating knee injuries before he's 25, can we eer see the real Griffin? His game has always been predicated on what he could potentially do to defenses with his feet. Will that track speed ever come back? Unlike Kirk Cousins, Robert Griffin never learned how to truly play NFL-style quarterbacking in college. He's a work in progress even when he is healthy.

Can we afford to move forward knowing that every time he gets hit we hold out breath? What impressed me with Cousins was how fast he got the ball out, hitting guys in stride instead of holding them up. He's also more mobile that he's given credit for.

I don't know. This is agonizing. I personally invested so much emotionally into Robert Griffin III and I think that holds so many of us back from truly looking at the situation before us. It kind of reminds me of the Michael Vick-Nick Foles deal in Philadelphia. Vick is more exciting, dynamic, and athletic than Foles but for whatever reason, he is doing better.

I'm sure I might get flamed for this. But if Kirk Cousins can put on a performance against a desperate Dallas team that really is playing for something, I'm going to start thinking about this. The potential out there to deal Griffin versus Cousins is greater.

I hate that this is even a discussion. Grififn is the superstar we've all wanted for years and I think Mike Shanahan may have broken him for good. The kind of emotional and physical damage he's sustained at the hands of these two egomaniacs infuriates me. But reality is reality.

Kirk Cousins might be the long-term answer at quarterback, not Robert Griffin III.

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