Redskins Next Head Coach Bracket: (6) Herm Edwards vs. (11) Raheem Morris

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First Round of The Washington Redskins Next Head Coach Tournament

(6) Herm Edwards
Current Position: Football Analyst at ESPN
Specialty: Defense

  • Started his coaching career as a Defensive Assistant for San Jose State University from 1987-1989
  • From '90-'95, Edwards worked as a scout and Defensive Backs Coach with the Kansas City Chiefs under Marty Schottenheimer
  • From 1996-2000, Herm worked as a Defensive Backs Coach/Assistant Head Coach under Tony Dungy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This experience got him hired as the Head Coach of the New York Jets in 1998
  • With the Jets, he inherited a veteran 3-4 defense from Bill Parcells and converted them to a 4-3 "Tampa 2"-type defense
  • Guided the New York Jets to the playoffs in his first two seasons. Three times in his first 4 seasons.
  • After the 2005 season, the Kansas City Chiefs TRADED a 2006 4th round pick to the Jets to acquire Herm Edwards (the Jets selected KR Leon Washington with the pick)
  • Larry Johnson ended up setting a record for most rushing attempts in a season under Edwards in 2006. They made the playoffs that year (1st time in 3 years)
  • Career record is 56-78
  • He plays to win the game

(11) Raheem Morris
Current Position: Defensive Backs Coach of the Washington Redskins
Specialty: Defense

  • Started his coaching career in 1998 as a graduate assistant at Hofstra (his alma mater). He was responsible for coaching the offensive scout team, developing scouting reports, and and handling video breakdowns/computer input and analysis
  • In 1999, he was hired by Cornell University as their Defensive Backs Coach and Special Teams Assistant
  • He went back to Hofstra in 2000 to be their Defensive Backs Coach
  • In 2001, he spent time as a defensive minority intern with the New York Jets
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Morris in 2002 as a Defensive Quality Control Coach. He helped assist the NFL's top-ranked defense and Tampa Bay won their first Super Bowl in franchise history that year
  • Morris spent 1 year with the Kansas State Wildcats in 2006 as their Defensive Coordinator. He helped improve the defense in several statistical categories including total defense, scoring defense and pass defense. They upset the #4 Texas Longhorns that year
  • Morris returned to the Buccaneers in 2007 as the Defensive Backs Coach. The year Morris was at Kansas State, the Buccaneers ranked 19th in the NFL in pass defense. Upon Raheem's return, their pass defense was 1st in the league
  • Raheem Morris was promoted to Defensive Coordinator with the Buccaneers when Monte Kiffin announced he would be leaving the team to join his son at Tennessee. A month later, Jon Gruden was fired and Raheem Morris was named the new Head Coach (He also interviewed with the Denver Broncos)
  • Morris became the 1st head coach since the 1970 NFL/AFL merger to start 10 rookies and finish with a winning record
  • Career record is 17-31
  • He is youngry
Feel free to add any additional information/stories about either candidate in the comments section and it may be added to their bio.
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