Redskins Next Head Coach Bracket: (1) Art Briles vs. (16) Subway Jared

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First Round of The Washington Redskins Next Head Coach Tournament

(1) Art Briles

Current Position: Head Coach at Baylor University
Specialty: Offense

  • Has a High School Coaching Record of 166-46-4
  • Has a College Coaching Record of 78-59
  • Started his college career at Texas Tech as a Running Backs Coach under Mike Leach. Texas Tech's rushing average increased every year he was there.
  • The first player he ever recruited to Texas Tech? Wes Welker.
  • He was hired as the Head Coach of the Houston Cougars in 2003. In 2006, he lead them to a C-USA Championship, which was only their 2nd one ever. Made 4 bowl appearances in 5 years. He took a team that went 8-26 under it's previous coach and lead them to a 34-28 record before leaving for Baylor.
  • Within 3 years at Baylor, Briles lead them to their first bowl win in 15 years.
  • Briles recruited Robert Griffin III to Baylor. Helped guide him to a Heisman Trophy. His familiarity with our franchise quarterback is a plus.
  • In 2013, Baylor's offense is averaging 265 rushing yards and 359 passing yards per game. That's a total of 624 yards of offense per game.

(16) Jared Fogle

Current Position: Subway Spokesman
Specialty: Health/Motivator

  • Being a spokesperson, he is good at dealing with people
  • At 425 lbs, Jared ate about 700 subway sandwiches in a little less than a year, losing 245 lbs. He finishes what he starts.
  • Robert Griffin III inked a deal with Subway. Jared has familiarity with our franchise quarterback
  • Jared finished the New York Marathon in 5 hours, 13 minutes, and 28 seconds. He has determination.
  • In addition to his work for Subway, Jared gives regular talks on fitness and healthy eating. Chip Kelly's smoothies have nothing on these.
  • Recently retired his 62-inch pants
  • His wrinkles of the Pistol Offense have been rumored to be Mmm Mmm Fresh.

Feel free to add any additional information/stories about either candidate in the comments section and it may be added to their bio.


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