Saturday Slop: Recovering from the Loss to the Vikings

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.


Alfred Morris Ahead of 2012 rushing pace | Real Redskins

825-After nine games, Alfred Morris now has 825 yards rushing. That puts him ahead of his pace last year when he had 793 yards through nine games.

Why a 7 game win streak isn't likely this year |

A look at the reasons why the Redskins can't count on another 7 game win streak to carry them to the playoffs this season.

Upon further Review: Week 10 | ESPN NFC East

A review of four hot issues following the Washington Redskins' 34-27 loss to the Minnesota Vikings:

Quick Takes: 3-6 | ESPN NFC East

I've said this before, but I'll repeat it: I've just never felt the same vibe in the locker room as I did a year ago -- not only during the hot streak, but before it began. I wonder if some were so caught off-guard by what happened early -- after thinking they had taken a step as an organization -- that it caused more frustration than when they were 3-6 in 2012.

5 Observations from the Redskins loss to the Vikings | Washington Post The Insider

So much for the Redskins' overtime victory over San Diego serving as a turning point to their season. The Redskins reverted to their old ways with another collapse in a very winnable game. Now at 3-6, they're teetering on the edge and need another heroic 7-0 run to save their season.

Redskins position by position review: Where it went wrong vs the Vikings | WP the Insider

In a game very much of two halves, the Washington Redskins managed to throw away a 10-point halftime lead to lose 34-27 to the 1-7 Minnesota Vikings. Washington's inability to close out games, particularly to a one-win team, is worrisome. Here's my position-by-position review.

Redskins Notes: The Fake Punt that wasn't and Fred Davis's contract | Washington Times

Niles Paul never saw the signal. Or maybe he just didn't believe it. It was tough to tell who knew what in the chaos of a fake punt that failed late in the third quarter of a 34-27 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

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