Redskins Unexpected Hero - David Amerson

Nick Wass

David Amerson comes up big when the Redskins needed him most.

What a roller coaster ride the Chargers game was for Redskins rookie cornerback David Amerson.

Matched up against long-time friend and fellow rookie Keenan Allen for most of the game, it's fair to say Amerson struggled. He did have a big interception of Philip Rivers, but that was negated when he gave up a big touchdown catch to Allen in the fourth quarter. On the play, Allen stuttered at the line of scrimmage, jab-stepped like he was going for a quick slant, which Amerson bit on, then went immediately upfield for the easy score.

This play wasn't the only gaff by Amerson. He was caught multiple times giving up up too much cushion to the talented rookie, and Philip Rivers made him pay.

But when the game was on the line late in the fourth quarter, Amerson came up with the games biggest play.

Danny Woodhead skirted out into the right flat, caught a ball from Rivers and turned up-field towards the end zone. It looked like Woodhead was going to beat the defense to the corner of the goaline, but Amerson came flying over and delivered a jarring blow to Woodhead, who ended up being short of the end zone. Because of this tremendous effort by Amerson, the Chargers were forced to settle on a field goal to tie the game, instead of the would-be touchdown that Woodhead was first awarded(which was overturned by replay).

The game ended up going to overtime, and the Redskins came out on top after driving their first possession of the overtime period for a game clenching touchdown.

There were many guys who came up big this game - Robert Griffin, who was sharp and confident; Pierre Garcon who was clutch all game; Alfred Morris who ran as hard as ever; Jordan Reed who continues to make big plays - but non was as big(after being down for some time during the game)as Amerson, and his hit on Woodhead to save the go-ahead touchdown.

For the promising rookie, there are many things he can learn from during Monday's film study, but the one thing you can't teach, confidence, is something this charasimatic young corner is not lacking.

Other Game Observations:

- The Redskins came out in quite a few three tight end sets. I really liked this because Niles Paul(who was our third TE)was doing a nice job blocking.

- Paul was seeing some time early on in the game. He even caught a pass!  He was doing a good job blocking. Either as a TE or a WR, Paul is much more valuable to this team than Josh Morgan.

- Speaking of Josh Morgan, can we PLEASE stop having him return kicks; he's terrible. He doesn't get up-field with any authority, and when he tries, he can't hold on to the ball. On other returns, the guys runs laterally. Just not good football.

- If Mike Shanahan continues to start Kory Lichtensteiger, then I will start believing there is some type of conspiracy theory going own with this team. Licht was absolutely horrible in the first half. He gave up two batted passes at the line of scrimmage, and was horrible against the run. On the run that Morris was caught in the backfield, and a facemask penalty was called, Licht was just BLOWN UP by Liuget. It is getting pretty embarrassing that the coaches keep trotting him back out there as a starting left guard.

- Helu continues to provide great burst from the running back position. He has another gear that Morris just doesn't have, and should be seeing more carries.

- Will Montgomery continues to give up penetration in the run game. Just like Licht, Monty has become a huge liability to this offense.

- Chris Chester was called for two holding penalties(one of which was a phantom hold). He looked good in other aspects of his game(both run and pass), but those two holding calls hurt.

- Hall continues to play well on defense. He did have a typical D-Hall moment when he was called for a personal foul penalty, but with his play of late, we can all live with it.

- Brian Orakpo finally showed up against the run. Rak made a few nice plays, including a tackle-for-loss early in the game.

- Pierre Garcon continues to amaze with his unbelievable catches. If only we could clone him!

- Hankerson actually showed up today, grabbing five receptions, some at key times, for Griffin. I wouldn't get too excited though, as he's likely to disappear next game.

- I loved the Jumbo look with Tom Compton in as another blocker down by the goaline.

- Fletcher had another poor game. He missed a few tackles, couldn't cover Gates, and got called for a horse-collar penalty. Not good.

- The missed call on the Woodhead fumble was tough for Redskins fans, but I can understand why the call on the field stood. It was a fumble however.

- Josh LeRibeus looked VERY fat standing next to Kyle Shanahan on the sidelines.

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