We Redskins Fans Have the WORST luck!!!!

First off, let me say that I was born a Redskins fan in a house of Giant Fans and I will continue to be a skins fan for the rest of my life. While I love this team, sometimes we just can't catch a break.

Why we have the WORST luck:

1) We wait 20 years for a franchise Qb and as soon as we get 1, we end up with TWO. Captain Kirk is very capable of being an excellent Qb in this league and would probably make about ⅓ of the teams in the league better at this point. While this may seem like a blessing to have 2 solid Qbs on our team, every time RG3 messes up or has a bad game people start calling for Kirk. That can't be healthy for Robert since he is and should be the future of this franchise.

2. The minute we have one of the best (if not the best) safety in the league, he dies. Sean Taylor was an absolute monster and beast of a safety and was feared across the league. If you think I'm overhyping him go watch his highlights in YouTube. It's not like he suffered a serious injury or something like that where he could have potentially come back, the man was freaking murdered!!!! That is the definition of bad luck. We still have not recovered from his loss from a football standpoint to this very day.

3. When joe Gibbs retired, he left us a pretty good team with a top five D, a young developing Qb, moss, C portis, Cooley, and one of the best o-lines in the league (and cap space). All we needed to do was hire a decent coach, not a great one, just somebody who was a capable nfl coach and leader. So then we decide to hire Jim Zorn, a f*****g Qb coach with no credibility to be the head coach. He completely wrecked the franchise when we could've been a formidable team in the NFC. We deserved better as fans.

4. The minute it seems we've recovered from #3 and get back to the playoffs, Shanahan decides to send out Rg3 with one leg in the second half and he tears apart his knee. Not only did continuing to send him out on the field cost us that game, our franchise Qb had to spend the entire offseason rehabbing instead of working on mechanics, mastering the play book, etc. whoever watched the Monday night game knows that he's not the same player he was last year and now everyone is questioning the future of the team.

5. We all are rooting for a team that is currently dealing with a 36$ Million cap penalty. Yet another competitive disadvantage.

6. The whole Albert Haynesworth debacle. This is and will continue to be the WORST deal in the history of the league.

7. As if the the football situation itself isn't enough, we have groups of people across the country vehemently trying to get us to change our nickname. We might not even be called the Redskins in a few years.

We deserve better from this team on a yearly basis. We have some of the most loyal fans in the league but sometimes it feels like the team does not deserve to have such great fans. With all this said I do believe the future of our team is bright and we won't have as much bad luck in the coming years. HTTR.

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