Danny boy, Redskin fan who is "in it to win it" or strictly in it for the money?

There are some fans that are so frustrated, they are questioning the desire of the Skins owner to actually win. Here are my thoughts on the topic.

1) He obviously loves the team. Unfortunately he really didn't (or still doesn't) grasp the concept of what is needed to run a successful franchise. He has made tons of money but to insinuate that he hasn't tried to win is just crazy to me. I'm sure he would make much more money if the Redskins were winning consistently and I'm also sure he knows that.

2)He has tried to bring in; a high flying college coach (Spurrier), a strict coach(Schottenheimer), an up and coming coach (Zorn), and he even lured Joe Gibbs back from Nascar to try and redeem this franchise.

3)I think he has matured as an owner because he has tried to back off, give up complete control and get some stability. Which is what everyone wanted but even that hasn't worked. He attempted this by bringing in someone with a proven record of winning as a head coach in the nfl (dispute here if needed but Shannahan has won more superbowls as a head coach than any other head coach had who was employed in Snyder's tenure not named Gibbs).

He has scrambled year in and year out to do everything in his means to win. HE WANTS TO WIN. In fact with some of the contracts he has agreed to, I actually wish he didnt want to win so bad. Fat Albert I'm looking at you! I agree he has had no success and he seems unlikeable to some people at times, but damn he does try.

Which brings us to today, now most people think he is terrible if he doesn't fire Shanny before his contract is up.

Snyder may have a terrible track record here, but he wants to win and that sometimes is painfully obvious. If you hate Snyder then please don't take this as an attack on you personnally, but I get pretty frustrated with the "Daniel Snyder doesn't want to win crap". There are owners in the league who wouldn't spend the minimum if the rules allowed them to get away with spending less.

What do you think, is Danny just not getting it done or is he not really trying to win? Its obvious to me.

But that still leaves me with one question that I propose to you;
Can we win actually with Daniel Snyder as the owner?

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