I've had enough... very loyal Skins fan.. worst year I remember in past 40 years watching

I love the Redskins. I was so optimistic coming in to this year... remained so until a few weeks ago....

I can't believe the regression of "my" skins this year.

I remain a believer in RG3... but "he" may be our most harmful player right now (more so than Josh Wilson).... I gave him the slow start due to injury... and I know QBs regress a bit in year 2 when defenses adjust... but I can't believe how bad he looks.... he makes bad decisions, he makes slow decisions, he does not throw accurately or strongly, he has bad mechanics... "he" has cost us at least 2-3 games we would have won with either our other 2 QBs...


our coaching is embarrassing..... just seeing this kid.. Kyle.. playing OC is embarrassing.... obviously not a qualified guy, just another kid that chooses to work for his father because that is his only path... half our OL should not be starting anywhere... this is coaching

our defense is perhaps the greatest disappointment of the year....... I blame coaching... both Haslett and pappa Shanny....... it is irresponsible to have some of the guys we do starting.... Josh Wilson is not a starter.....this is on Shanny as well as Haslett

we actually have a TE returning kickoffs, and put our slowest WR or oldest WR on punts.... our STeams are embarrassing... this is coaching

We still have 4 games remaining that we "should" win... (Giants twice, Cowboys and Atl).. and KC does not look real either.. so we "could" win 5 games and still go 8-8... hell, unbelievably, we could still win the division

so I still believe...

but.. I have had enough! Rather than muddle through, we need to take action NOW....

I would consider benching RG3, not saying he is not our QB and I think he is, but he is not performing and is hurting us (he is not our best chance to win right now).... he is not progressing.. why not remove him, let him suck it up and work harder to improve... we should not have any entitlement for top draft picks (even a future elite QB)..

I would consider releasing the entire coaching staff ASAP... and going with an interim.... the coaching is that bad....I would put ALL efforts into finding a young Joe Gibbs type (not an unmotivated old or recycled coach) to work with players now through end of season, and treat the balance of this year as phase one of next year..... I like David Shaw but there are others to consider, inc. some OC/DCs... damn I wish we had been able to get Jeff Fisher a few years back...

I have been a hardcore, loyal, Skins fan for close to 40 years..... I have never been as disappointed or embarrassed as I am today...... I expected more....

To end, I am happy with the owner (think he made major strides in trying to hire good coaches and football guys to run the team).... and I like many of our moves.... but... we obviously do not have the right guys in place to move forward or take the next step....

Please...let's not become the Cowgirls and settle for mediocrity.... let's go get the right guys to lead... let's stop protecting players or playing guys not up to championship levels.... let's move forward..... I'm hoping to get great odds for next years SB and cash out as Skins win!

Hail to the Redskins!

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