General Team Issues + What I want to see

Good Morning People!

To start, I would like to say, Go Redskins. I will be at the game tonight cheering for our guys even through the cold. Hopefully we can pull off an upset, but given the rate the rest of the division is playing of course coupled with our own usually terrible and self-defeating play, we are mathematically eliminated by now. Oh well, coming from a guy in his mid 20's having been too young to enjoy the true glory years of the franchise I can honestly say I am jaded, through and through. (I would expect most of us to be by now though.)

Either way, given the amount of rant and rage posts going on lately I will try to keep from completely trashing the team too much while still pointing out the obvious flaws we all know and have read about over the past few weeks.(Months.)

Coaching Staff - From the outside looking in there are only a few things we are given to gauge the state of the team - the play on the field, and the articles we read. Right now based purely off of just those 2 things our team is in a state of relative chaos. The 'zingers' people are flinging around that claim they aren't 'zingers', the passive shots in comments. The lack of inspiration/motivational play on the field along with innovative thinking and game planning. Making proper adjustments during the game, not just at half time. I feel like Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett are both generally too old and their systems/strategies are too well documented in order for them to push this team to the next level. So they lack the ability to really inspire and motivate their younger team either through words or actions. I am tired of seeing Shanahan with his stone dead poker face on the sideline, the only emotion of which he is able to squeeze out of this face looking like something out of a Saw movie. For example, see below:



Not that an angry coach as a result of terrible play is unjustified, or that being angry in general throughout the course of a loss is unjustified, but come on man. If Mike Shanahan isn't on the sideline looking like a complete gargoyle then he is usually more beat red than usual and raging like a teenage girl. End result; The Shanahan era ends, along with Haslett, Raheem Morris, Kevin Burns. Bring in D minded coach with innovative(intelligent) offensive coordinator to run the O, bring in a new ST coach, and look at replacing some of the skills/positional coaches.

Offensive Line - Not enough can be said about how terrible our offensive line is, not only has our offensive line been notoriously bad for such a long time, but it has also likely ruined the careers of many quarterbacks who may have otherwise been fairly decent given a reasonable shot at developing. (Jason Campbell/Patrick Ramsey). Watching our quarterbacks being abused over the years has been pretty brutal. The simple point here is if you want to put RG3 into a position where he needs to be a true drop back passing threat we either need the route running/decision making and execution a team like Denver has or we need an offensive line that can protect him long enough for our lame duck receivers to get open. If we are going to deny him the protection he needs then we are going to force him to have to constantly develop that run threat, and possibly ending his career early, if not that, then we will continue to stunt his growth/development as a QB and we will have effectively wasted the man's career that we mortgaged our future for. Trent Williams gets a pass because he is one of the best and has played as such but the rest need to go.

Receivers - Between Garcon and the emerging Jordan Reed, the No.1 WR and TE spots are locked up in my opinion. It should stay that way so long as they can stay healthy. Jordan Reed looks to be the making of a Jimmy Graham type in DC, hopefully he doesn't 'Fred Davis' us. I think we need a legitimate No.2 threat, Hankerson is constantly hurt and when he does get the shot he under-performs. Forget the few shining moments he has had this year, because I don't want to risk another few years on him. He has no fire. The rest of our WRs are practically invisible. I'd kill to have us some of that Josh Gordon action up in Cleveland, I don't know how we could work that out, but we need to.

Defense - There is probably more on the defensive side to fix than not, the D line can't generate a pass rush. We can't defend the pass or the run (mostly just the pass, we have done better against the run than our status would indicate I think). We are especially terrible when a play breaks down. Fletch is aging, I wouldn't have an issue if we signed him back for another year, but he should do so at vet min and shouldn't start. D.Hall has played well this year, and if we can strike a good deal with him we should keep him on, bring another corner in through the draft to develop, along with another safety or so. LB options and DE options should be considered as well. Though I don't know as much about our guys and options there as I would like to.

Either way, whatever moves we make in the off-season that doesn't involve a coaching change I feel would be a waste of time. I think if we continue to waste RG3, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, and co and don't make a change sooner than later it will mean 2-3+ years of their respective careers lost due to a management problem, not necessarily just a personnel or performance problem.

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