Daily Slop: Fred Davis, Josh Morgan Expect to Dress Monday; Santana Moss Clarifies Critical Comments

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Daily Collection of Redskins News From Around the Web


Josh Morgan May Not Like Mike Shanahan’s Opinion, But Does Respect Him " CBS DC
Three days removed from a benching in Philadelphia, Josh Morgan said he respects Mike Shanahan despite the coach's decision to have him ride the pine against the Eagles.

Santana Moss Clarifies Critical Comments " CBS DC
"That never came out of my mouth," said Moss. "I said that if I’m put in the situation, as a leader, I will stand up and say, ‘me, I,’ and that’s what I said. So that’s what happens. People see stuff that’s written or said and if it’s not said directly, then don’t lose no sleep on it."

Why the Redskins should trade Kirk Cousins after this season | Fanspeak.com

A detailed look at the reasons why the Redskins need to deal Kirk Cousins after this season, including a look at possible destinations and what could happen if the Redskins end up hanging on to him.

Need to Know: Redskins’ Hankerson will lose valuable time | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, November 21, four days before the Washington Redskins host the San Francisco 49ers. Nickel coverage Five things from Redskins Park 1.

Williams says NFL has not contacted him | Comcast SportsNet Washington

How can the Redskins stop Colin Kaepernick? | Comcast SportsNet Washington

Fletcher knows end is near, but has time left | Comcast SportsNet Washington
"I know the coaching staff appreciates and values the things I do on the field, off the field," Fletcher said. "My teammates, when they talked to me after [last] season, they all wanted me to come back. So those things mean a lot. It’s something I took into consideration when I was thinking about [retirement] last year. ‘Do I still feel like I have work to do here?’"

Robert Griffin III says he ‘wasn’t trying to take shots at anybody’
"I just have to know in that situation, after a tough loss to a divisional opponent, I can’t give anybody any opportunity to read into my words and misinterpret anything," Griffin said following Wednesday’s practice at Redskins Park. "Some of the things I said, I was trying to give a compliment to Philly. I wasn’t trying to take any shots at anybody. And it turned out that way, and you’re asking me today. Like I said, if I could take any of that back, yeah, I would take it back because in the heat of that moment, you’re frustrated. You’re trying to figure out why things didn’t work.

Fred Davis, Josh Morgan expect to dress Monday

Garcon ‘couldn’t care less’ about Griffin’s statement on final play
"I couldn’t care less what nobody says," Garcon said. "I just have to do my job whether they say good things or bad things. Doesn’t faze me. I’ve heard it all before." Garcon also said he has no problem with Griffin’s leadership skills. "Yeah, there’s good leadership in this locker room. It’s the same guys, same players. Leadership is good. Just not winning games," said the team’s leading receiver. "We just have to try to find a way to win."

London Fletcher on RGIII: ‘Believe me. The kid is a leader’
But Fletcher said that there’s no question that Griffin is a strong leader. "The thing about leadership is, if you ask 10 people about leadership, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Again, this is a great young leader, man," Fletcher said. He went on to say, "I think sometimes, I don’t think people really appreciate how great this kid is. Last year, he stepped on the scene and did so much stuff. He was asked to be the savior of the franchise for a team that hadn’t had a franchise quarterback in 20-some-odd years. He came in with them giving up all the draft picks that they gave up to get him and he came in with those expectations and exceeded those. He carried himself in a manner that is very rare that young guys do. The guy has great, tremendous leadership qualities and intangibles that you can’t – you don’t coach leadership. And, leadership isn’t always the guy yelling at somebody – the loudest guy in the room, the most vocal guy. People lead in different ways. It may be encouraging, inspiring when you see a guy on third and seven and he dives for a first down to keep a drive going. That’s inspirational, that inspires a team. Some of the things, believe me, the kid gets it. It may be a text message he sends to a group of guys, or a conversation that we have. Believe me. The kid is a leader."

Quick Takes: Moss, RG III and locker room - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I've said this before that leadership is not the issue with this team. An inconsistent passing game and a bad pass defense are the problems. That's been the case all season. And special teams, of course (which is where you'll still hear grumbling; that hasn't changed but the players seem to be rolling with it).

The Redskins Blog | Alfred Morris Leads NFL In 20+ Runs

Ranking the Redskins 2014 Needs | Fanspeak.com

The Redskins Blog | Louis "Rabbit" Weller Could Really Run

Trent Williams Aims For All-Time Greatness
Greatness isn’t any one big thing; instead it’s a lot of little things done right. Washington Redskins OT Trent Williams can attest to that—a lesson learned at the NFL level.

Who will win the NFC East? - NFL Videos
With every team in contention in the NFC East, who takes the crown? Brian Baldinger and Heath Evans state their cases on which team will prevail.

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