Recap: Redskins 24-16 Loss to Eagles via 'Titanic' Animated Gifs

The Redskins loss to the Eagles means Washington is now 0-3 in the division and 1-6 in the conference. What better way to summarize the end of the season than with animated gifs from the movie, Titanic?

How Redskins fans saw the team during training camp...


How everyone expected Mike Shanahan and RGIII's relationship to be from draft day...


Redskins get no points on their first three drives, the Eagles get 14 points.


My question for Mike Shanahan regarding how Jim Haslett still has his job. Seeing Ryan Kerrigan trying to cover McCoy in coverage was brutal.


Eagles open the 2nd half with a 73-yard drive to go up 24-0....


After lots of nothingness for awhile...on the Redskins first drive of the 4th quarter, RGIII throws a 62-yard TD pass to Darrel Young!!


No really...a FB scored shut out!!!

Yes_medium Yes2_medium

On the Redskins next drive, RGIII connects on a 41-yard bomb to Aldrick Robinson for a TD!! It's a one score game now!!


After the Redskins D holds the Birds to a 3-and-out, the Redskins are getting the ball back with 3:26 left and a chance to tie the game!!!!


After driving into the Eagles red zone, on a 3rd down play with 26 seconds left, RGIII lofts the ball in the air to avoid the sack and it's intercepted. Game initial reaction...


but in reality it's more like....


The Redskins are now 0-3 in the division and 1-6 in the conference...

There's a lot of Skins fans on Twitter who are still optimistic the Redskins can still make the playoffs this season...


How long it's felt since the Redskins have been to the Super Bowl?


Mike Shanahan at his office in Redskins Park today...


To the Redskins 2013 season....


So many Novembers and Decembers on this website have been spent talking about coaching changes and who to draft next year to make the team better....


(Here's a good collection of Titanic gifs if anyone has any to add in the comments)

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