Redskins vs Eagles - What Redskin Will be the Hero?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We take a look at this week's matchup with a look at stats, the holes on the Eagles team, and some Redskins candidates to step up and win this game.

It's been a long ten weeks since the Redskins opened the season vs the Eagles at Fedex Field. LeSean McCoy ran for 184 yards and Michael Vick had three TDs in a 33-27 win, which felt more like 330-27. Many things have changed since that game for both teams. Nick Foles has a 132.5 QB rating fueled by 16 touchdowns and 0 INTs. For the Redskins, the offense has woken up.

On Friday, I had the chance to chat with good friend Jimmy Kempski whether Foles is the real deal or just a bust. When I look at the defenses Foles has played against the last eight weeks, six of the eight defenses he faced are on the bottom half in worst defenses. Of course the Redskins are in the bottom half of that group too, but they force turnovers.

So, what sets up the Redskins to steal this game?

  1. Eagles passing defense is 2nd worst in the NFL having already given up 3,065 yards. HELLO PIERRE GARCON? JORDAN REED?
  2. Both the Eagles and Redskins rank middle of the pack averaging 4.0 (and just over) yards per carry allowed. The Redskins need to get Morris pounding early then hit them with a fresh Roy Helu's speed and power in the 4th. ALFRED MORRIS?
  3. Redskins are tied for 1st with four interceptions returned for a TD. And I was reminded on Twitter,the Redskins' defense has an INT in seven straight games. They also have a fumble returned for a TD. DAVID AMERSON?
  4. The Redskins kick return game has been woeful. They rank 30th in average punt return yards and 31st in kick return yards. NICK WILLIAMS?
  5. Eagles have lost seven straight games at home dating back over 400 days.
One stat worth mentioning: Orakpo and Kerrigan have been healthy all the season. I think it's safe to say we all expected to be ranked better than 20th with 22 sacks.

Another killer stat is the Redskins rank 32nd in net average punts with 34.0 yards. And...only 6 teams have allowed a PR TD, Skins have allowed two. Hopefully in the ten day break, the Redskins coaching staff has figured out a way to right the ship with field position.
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