Redskins Name Debate is Simple



The Redskins name change debate is not a battle of good versus evil or right versus wrong. I believe that almost all Redskins fans do not want to be racist when they say they support the name. In fact, no one wants to be racist.

As someone who cares about respecting other people, my take on the Redskins name is clear: If the Redskins name is racist, then I won't support it. If it is not racist, then I will support it. I honestly believe it is that simple. All I want is proof that the Redskins name is racist.

So far the individuals supporting the team name have all of the facts. I have seen multiple statistics showing a very high percentage of Native Americans in support of the Redskins name. If it does not bother Native Americans, then why should I be offended for them? Also, if I am taking offense to something that does not bother Native Americans, then doesn't that make me racist? Its like interpreting an innocuous object as sexual innuendo. The object isn't obscene, you just have your "mind in the gutter".

Individuals against the Redskins name do not use any statistics, but typically argue with hypothetical situations that just don't make sense to me. A common one is, "Well, if you go to a bar with a bunch of Native Americans and shout Redskins, you would be in a lot of trouble!" Again, I don't understand this. If the statistics show that most Native Americans support the name and there is no evidence of the word Redskins being used in a derogatory manner, then why would they attack me? It would be no different than shouting Giants or Eagles. Also, if I assume that Native Americans are savages who will attack me for using a word, then doesn't that make me racist?

Another hypothetical that supporters of the name bring up is,"How would I feel if the Washington Redskins were the Washington N*****s." Well, I would definitely be offended, but that is irrelevant because a name like that wouldn't have lasted 80 years. I can show you countless examples of the N-word being used in a derogatory manner. For example, you can check here, here, and here. And that Google search took about 15 seconds. You can look no further than Riley Cooper using the term in a derogatory manner a few weeks ago.

However, I have not seen the term Redskins used in a similar fashion. So my request to any supporter of the name is to please show me proof of the term Redskins being used to attack Native Americans since this day. Or at least show me any statistic that shows Native Americans being offended by the name. The only relevant statistic that I have seen is that about 90% of Native Americans ARE NOT offended by the Redskins name while about 90% of the national media IS offended by the Redskins name.

Give me anything other than a hypothetical situation that proves the Redskins name is racist. Prove the name is racist and I will not support it. It's that simple.

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