Sunday Slop: Bye Week Blues

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A look at some of the top stories around the web on the Redskins.


*Note this will be a shorter slop as there aren't a ton of stories on the Redskins during the bye week

The Redskins Road Ahead | Real Redskins

Of the 12 games remaining on their schedule there are some that the Redskins are likely to lose even if they improve to their 2012 form. And there are some that they should win even if they are off their game somewhat. That leaves a handful of games that should decide if they will have a return trip to the playoffs on their calendars in January or if they will be going home.

Impact of Voided Contracts and Cuts on Redskins 2014 Cap |

A detailed look at what potential cuts and voided deals will mean for the Redskins cap and a look at what players and position groups are playing for new deals next year.

Redskins Film Review: Ryan Kerrigan's 5 Sacks |

Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan entered the Redskins week 5 bye week tied for the NFC sack lead and showing signs that the third year pro bowler is transforming into a force on the defensive line. Kerrigan already has two multi-sack games this year against the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders.

Grading the Redskins Running backs at the Bye | CSN Washington

Grading the Redskins Defensive backs at the Bye | CSN Washington

Top 5 things the Redskins need to fix during their Bye |

A look at 5 things the Redskins coaches and players need to figure out during this week off.

Greg Cosell's Look Ahead | Yahoo Shutdown Corner

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III has been blitzed the same amount through four games this season as he was through his 15 games in 2012. This season he has been blitzed on 40 percent of his drop backs.

Four Games to keep an eye on with the Redskins on their Bye | WP The Insider

The Redskins and their coaches will have an eye on a number of the games going on today.

Film Breakdown: Bubble Screens Key to Redskins Run Game |

A look back at the bye on how Bubble Screens help the Redskins rushing attack.

Week 5 Games to Watch this week |

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