The Rookie Report - Midseason Edition

It's time to evaluate those young bloods now. They got a taste of the NFL (and it was kinda salty and sour, think sauerkraut). Well let's see how the class of 2013 did so far:

-2nd rd: David Amerson (CB): He was one of the two kids who were thrown into the fire and came out without much burns. There has been a steady progression in his play as he had to cover some of the secondary receivers in the NFL(Hall and Wilson usually covers the top weapons). While he does well against receivers such as Decker and Denarius Moore, he struggles against more physical receivers (Alshon Jeffery). He also needs to learn to how to tackle properly(wrap up and try to bring him down). All in all, he looks more like a safe option at CB than when he was initially picked(tried to hard to emulate 2011 season. Gave him a bad rep as a gambler. Had a colleague who afraid he will become D. Hall 2.0-the bad one). Stats: 24 total tackles(18 unassisted), 6 pass defended, 1 interception (Pick 6) and 1 fumble recovery. Draft grade: B.

-3rd Rd: Jordan Reed (TE/WR combo-Joker): Nominee for the "Wha the heck Shanahan's thinking pick that makes us (analysts and fans like) look stupid at the end of the season" award (Kiper Jr. saying he had a 5th rd grade on Alfred Morris my a$$). Most fans(including myself) felt Reed(like Amerson) will be ushered into the starting role near the end of the season. We're we wrong. Mr. Reed decided to make "Sleepy" Davis an afterthought in our fanbase. While fans still clamor for a 2TE set with Davis/Reed, its not likely to happen. I thought his problem would blocking and inexperience will keep him off the starting lineup but he improved (in space). His receiving skills makes him a reliable target and quickly our #2 receiving option (something that our other Non-Garcon receivers with more than 2 months of NFL experience can provide). If this continues, look for Reed to be one of the big players in the new uptempo era of the NFL. Stats: 34 catches, 44 targets (77% catch rate), 338 rec yds, 2 TDs. Draft Grade: B+

-4th Rd: Phillip Thomas (SS): This grade is incomplete due to Linsfranc injury(This year's, Jarvis Jenkins). He could have gotten playing time due to the opening at the safety position. Let's hope for a full recovery next year. Grade: Inc.

-5th Rd(1st): Chris Thompson (RB): Shanahan's RB obsession pick #1. Lightning in a bottle speed that has not been properly utilized. Inconsistent results at PK/KR made the coaching staff try other players with still no success. Chances he may be given the role again if Morgan continues to underwhelm. Draft Grade: D.

-5th rd(2nd): Brandon Jenkins (LB): This was viewed as a low risk, high upside pick. We needed more pressure and Jenkins is the man for that. Too bad he was still recovering from Linsfranc and was behind Orakpo, Kerrigan, Jackson and Tapp. He'll get more chances to show his ability next year. Stats: 1 assisted tackle. Draft grade: Inc (lack of playing time makes it hard to grade him).

-6th rd: Bacarri Rambo (FS): Remember when I mentioned that more than one of the kids was thrown into the fire. Yeah, Rambo was singed early in the season. Although he played in the uber-promoted conference known as the SEC, he wasn't ready for NFL speed and his lack of tackling skill has left him in the dust (figuratively and literally). He came back against Denver but only when we were literally hitting rock bottom in the depth chart (when aren't we?). To his credit, Rambo is the 6th leading tackler on the team and he has done decent in pass coverage. However, his run coverage and tackling is left to be desired. He will get more chances but it will take time before he will get a starting role or the team decides to get a player whose more ready. Stats: 27 total tackles (21 solo, 6 unassisted), 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss. Draft grade: D+.

-7th rd: Jawan Jamison (RB): Shanahan's RB obsession pick #2. I.....just.......don't.......know anymore. Literally, we could've attempted to grab an project OL, WR, anything but RB. Sitting on the practice squad and I don't think he will be leaving anytime soon. We literally have too much RB depth. We would have to trade/ or release two RB in order for Jamison for their to be a chance that Jamison could make the roster and that is not a guarantee. Well, it's not like we whiffed on a hidden talent (I will rue these words two years in the future). Draft grade: Inc.

Overall Draft Grade: C

Explanation: As draft goes, the best picks should be made at the top and the questionable ones at the bottom. Thankfully, this crew has address some immediate issue but others had been neglected. At this pace, Amerson could become a solid starter and Reed can become a star. The other picks are working to either stay on the roster or to just stay relevant. This is a draft class worth checking up on.

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