Gif Recap: Redskins loss to Denver via Sons of Anarchy

Recapping the Redskins loss to Denver. Apparently these games are played over four quarters, not three.

The video tribute to Shanny did nothing to quell his desire to get a decisive win over his former team/boss/QB.


Pre-game planning session to deal with Peyton.


The Cowboys take longer than usual to choke the game away.  Somehow this is more important than the first 3 minutes of the game of the week.


The game comes on and we get to watch a Peyton/Welker TD on their first drive.


The Skins D forces a punt and Garcon makes another circus catch on a Mile High throw.


Rob Jackson sacks Manning to force a punt and Peyton has a sad.


The Skins finish a long TD drive to tie the game 7-7 at halftime.  A Broncos penalty keeps the drive alive.


Ryan Kerrigan knocks the ball out of Peyton's hands, and he tries to prevent Orakpo from recovering the fumble...he fails.


Alfred Morris takes advantage of the short field to score a TD.


DeAngelo Hall gets a pick 6 and the game is getting ugly in Denver.


Peyton's reaction to Rak getting blocked out of his cleats.  Broncos score a TD to get within 7.


Skins fans look for an offensive TD to luck.  Punt the ball back to the Denver Mannings.


Peyton drives down the field, and Peyton's the Skins D at the goal line.  Making them burn a timeout, and still getting the TD.  Peyton to Skins fans.


Sav Rocca shanks a punt and The Broncos take advantage of the short field and the lead.


After 21 straight points scored by the Broncos, minds were starting to wander away from the football game.


Griffin is strip sacked giving the Broncos another short field.


After the D holds them to a FG, Peyton is picked off by 5th string FS Jordan Pugh.  Griffin volleys back with a pick of his own.  Broncos score...again.


The Offensive line parts like the Red Sea, and Griffin is driven into the ground.  Forced to leave the game with a left knee injury, and killing the chances for a comeback.


Griff tries to jump back into the game, but Mike Shanahan shows him the scoreboard.


Cousins throws a Pick 6.  The Broncos score 31 points in the 4th quarter.


Cousins is picked off after the ball bounces off of Jordan Reed.


Me for the rest of the night.


My reaction after cashing in my bets on the Broncos with the over...


Summary of the post game discussion.


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