Breakdown of the Sean Taylor Murder Trial

    (Not all questions will be included. Some are compiled into one question)

    Day 1

    Prosecution’s Opening Statement (partial)

    • Defendant(s) knew the money had to be locked in the Master Bedroom
    • Alleged shooter kicked door in
    • Sean Taylor was on other side of the door with machete in hand
    • Defendant shot him
    • Said he saw someone with something in his/her hand and proceeded to fire his weapon
    • Regardless of what intent was, Defendant was committing an armed robbery
    • Charges are:
    • Defendant shot out sliding glass door to escape
    • By 2:15pm Day of Arrest
      • Told police what he did
      • Drew diagram of house and where he was during the time frame inside the house
    • Confessed on video
      • Describes plain in detail, how they carried it out and who was involved
      • Says that he was not threatened/coerced/mistreated in any way to get him to make that statement (completely voluntary)
      • Described how he got rid of murder weapon by tossing it into the Everglades
      • Described how he and co-defendants burned their clothes to destroy potential physical evidence on them
      • Defendant reviewed transcript and initialed every page
      • Had choice to make changes but did not
    • Other Evidence
      • Footprints by gate
        • Defendant’s Nike Shocks matched prints
          • Overlaps other prints but stands out due to lettering on the bottom of shoe
          • Investigators showed photo of demo pair
            • Defendant said they were similar to the ones he wore that night
    • Pry marks on patio door
      • Splintered wood on the ground
    • Footprint on Master Bedroom door
      • Consistent with Defendant’s shoe
    • Cell phone records
      • Record of calls made/rec’d and closest cell tower
        • All defendants => Ft. Meyers to/from Miami around 1:45am
        • 2 sent signal to tower near Taylor’s home
    • Trail of calls back to Ft. Meyers
    • Black Toyota Highlander
      • Pic taken at Alligator Alley
    • Defendant’s cousin in possession of letter from def demanding that cousin talk to accomplice about testifying falsely
      • Defendant’s DNA on envelope

    Defense’s Opening Statements

    • Starts by saying Miami PD was rushed/pressured to close case causing Def to be forced/coerced into giving a confession
    • Objection by SA. Overruled
    • Evidence will show that Defendant had gotten a ride and hung out with Co-Defendants on day of Sean’s death
    • Defendant did not want to go
      • Girlfriend’s mom said Defendant could not stay night
      • Defendant’s sister did not answer phone
      • Could not get in touch with parents
    • PD had no lead in days after murder happened
      • Anonymous tip
      • Made plan to bring in suspects for questioning
      • Used Undercover Officers to help bring in suspects
      • PD had names of Defendants
    • Defendant was 17 at time
    • PD picked him up off street on way to school
      • Did not try to contact through home/school/cell
    • Defendant taken to Florida Department of Law Enforcement
    • Objection by State’s Attorney sustained (granted)
    • Defendant’s dad looked everywhere but DLE for Defendant when notified by neighbor
    • PD never contacted family/school to let them know where he was
    • Detectives showed Defendant evidence not disclosed to media
    • Police allegedly forced confession by emotionally terrorizing Defendant
    • Raised questions about botched procedure
      • Room not set up for video recording
      • No lawyers were contacted
    • Reasonable Doubt is key
      • Defendant will be found not guilty due to Reasonable Doubt according to Defense Attorney
    • Defense said parts of what was said in the State’s Opening Statements, won’t reiterate

    Day 2

    Morning Session

    State's Witness: John Mancini, Miami-Dade Forensics Office

    S. A. Direct Questioning

    • Question 1: What do you do for [Miami-Dade Forensics Office]?
      • Answer: Forensic Scientist/Criminologist
    • Q 2: Can you make arrests?
      • A: No. Not a sworn officer or member of PD
    • Q 3: How long have you worked there?
      • A: 10 years in July 2014
    • Q 4: What specifically do you do?
      • A: Examine physical evidence, offer report of conclusions made based on evidence, testify in court when necessary
    • Q 5: Does that include firearms?
      • A: Yes
    • Q 6: Tool mark evidence
      • A: Yes
    • Q 7: Footprint analysis?
      • A: Yes
    • Q 8: Is that mostly what you do?
      • A: Yes as well as gunshot-distance ratio, serial number restoration

    Objection by DC about training background. Overruled

    • Q 9: Since you started [at the Forensics Office], is this what you do every day?
      • A: Yes
    • Q 10: Are you tested as you go along?
      • A: Yes. Proficiency tested yearly in each discipline and yearly employment evaluations
    • Q 11: Were you involved in evidence pertaining to Sean Taylor's murder?
      • A: Yes

    (Proceeds to explain what a bullet is)

    • Q 12: Do you need the firearm when comparing casings?
      • A: No. Sometimes there are multiple casings at a crime scene that can be compared.

    State's Exhibit #47=> Casings from Crime Scene(Identified as 9mm casings made by Remington Pewter)

    (Explains how casings were compared in lab. Both fired from same weapon)

    • Q 13: Projectiles retrieved from scene and M. E.'s office tested?
      • A: Yes

    State's Exhibit #44=> Projectile from crime scene

    (Conference with Judge)

    State's Exhibit #50=> Projectile from ME's office (Matched casings and projectile from crime scene)

    Objection by DC about whether both were fired from the same gun. Overruled.

    • Q 14: Did you examine the swabs from the hurricane shutter at Sean Taylor's home?
      • A: Yes

    State's Exhibit #55=> Swab from projectile hole in shutter

      (Explains how processed swabs)

        State's Exhibit #42=> Part of door frame that has ripped wood/tool marks
        (SA showed to jury)

        • Q 15: Were you able to determine what tool made the marks?
          • A: Not for certain. Many different tools could have made similar marks.

        State's Exhibit #4L=> Tools that could have made marks

        • Q 16: What do you look for when footwear is involved?
          • A: Impressions. ie. Design pattern, wear marks. Similar to processing tire marks.

        State's Exhibit #58=> Shoes

        • Q 17: Did you receive number of different kinds of shoe-wear related evidence?
          • A: Yes. Several items with foot-wear impressions on them. including shoes, photos and physical evidence.

        (Talks about kinds of impressions reviewed)

        • Q 18: Did you have patterns of a complete shoe print?
          • A: No. Had many partial and/or overlapping impressions.
        • Q 19: Was it possible to make positive identification of a certain shoe or type of shoe?
          • A: Limitations based on overlaps. Some details could be seen.

        (Conference with Judge)

        • A to Q 19 cont.: After reviewing evidence, deduced there were 5 different sets of prints
        • Q 20: Could there have been an impression from a police officer's shoe?
          • A: Yes. There was an impression consistent with foot-wear worn by police officers that could've been left behind during initial investigation.
        • Objection by DC about whether print got there when PD swept premises for suspects. Overruled
        • (Describes identifiers on shoes in evidence that proved those shoes left an impression)

        State's Exhibit #37=> Electrical box from driveway gate
        (SA shows to jury while W shows where prints are located)

          State's Exhibit #35=> Enhanced photo of Exhibit #37
          (SA shows to jury. W shows patterns of footprints)

            State's Exhibit #4W=> Photos of Nike Shox soles
            (Describes how those match prints on Exhibit #35)

              State's Exhibit #4P=> Photo of both Shox side by side

                State's Exhibit #36=> Water cover that had foot-wear patterns on it
                (SA and W show with oblique lighting to jury)

                  Defense Cross-Examination

                  • Q 1: Were casings ever tested for fingerprints?
                    • A: Projectiles- No. Casings- Received from fingerprint analyst. Did not personally test, not trained in fingerprint testing. Never examined fingerprints before.
                  • Q 2: Was there any speculation on whether hole in shutters was a bullet hole or not?
                    • A: Not sure. Submitted to lab for testing.
                  • Q 3: Are you generally asked to review or test tools?
                    • A: Yes. But could not positively tell if those tools made marks on door.

                  S. A. Redirect

                  • Q 1: Are police officers the only individuals that can wear the shoe that they wear?
                    • A: No. Private citizens can buy them.

                  Witness Dismissed

                  (Conference with Judge)

                  S. A. Direct Questioning

                  Witness Name: Sasha Johnson, age 27

                  • Q 1: Did you know Sean Taylor? How did you know him?
                    • A: Yes. Older brother

                  State's Exhibit #1=> Photo of Sean Taylor

                  • Q 2: Any other brothers? Names?
                    • A: Yes. Jamaal Johnson
                  • Q 3: How was Sean Taylor employed?
                    • A: Professional football player

                  State's Exhibit #4=> Photo of Sean's house

                  • Q 4: Did you know Eric Rivera, Jr.?
                    • A: Yes

                  (Points to Def upon request of SA)

                  • Q 5: Did you know Venjah Hunte?
                    • A: Yes
                  • Q 6: Did you know Timothy Brown?
                    • A: No
                  • Q 7: Did you know Jason Mitchell?
                    • A: Yes
                  • Q 8: Did you know Charles Wardlow?
                    • A: Yes. Brother of boyfriend at time, Devon Wardlow.
                  • Q 9: Did you give any of the defendants permission to go onto Sean Taylor's property on night of murder?
                    • A: No
                  • Q 10: Did any defendant visit you there?
                    • A: Yes
                  • Q 11: What kind of gifts did Sean Taylor give you for your birthday?
                    • A: Purse with a card, candle and $10,000 in cash inside of it.
                  • Q 12: Were you in Miami at time of murder?
                    • A: No. Was in Ft. Meyers.

                  (Conference w/ Judge)

                    State's Exhibit #14=> Another photo of ST
                    DC objection: Prejudicial. Overruled

                    • Q 13: Did you give Defendant permission to be at Sean Taylor's house on night of shooting?
                      • A: No

                    DC Cross-examination

                    • Q 1: Said you knew Defendant from little league football, correct? In Ft. Meyers?
                      • A: Yes to both
                    • Q 2: To best of your knowledge, did you ever see Defendant in [Sean Taylor's] home in Miami?
                      • A: No
                    • Q 3: But Jason Mitchell had gone to the house before, correct? Same with Charles Wardlow?
                      • A: Yes to both
                    • Q 4: Do you know if Venjah Hunte had ever gone?
                      • A: No. He's never been to the house [to the best of knowledge]
                    • Q 5: What about Tim Brown?
                      • A: No. I don't know him.
                    • Q 6: And you were in Ft. Meyers that night?
                      • A: Yes

                    No SA Redirect

                    Witness Dismissed.

                    Afternoon Session

                    S. A. Direct Questioning

                    Witness: William Penagrove, Hertz Corporation

                    • Q 1: How long have you been with Hertz?
                      • A: 5 years
                    • Q 2: What is your current position there?
                      • A: I am a Corporate Security Manager
                    • Q 3: What does a Corporate Security Manager do?
                      • A: I am in charge of getting assets back, doing internal and external investigations, and I act as a Custodian of Records.
                    • Q 4: What type of business is Hertz?
                      • A: We rent cars
                    • Q 5: (Unintelligible)
                      • A: Yes, I usually do testimony, give out documents that I certify have come from our system and our valid Hertz documents.
                    • Q 6: When a vehicle is rented at a particular Hertz location, what type of paperwork is created?
                      • A: There are two types; a manual agreement and a computerized agreement. The manual agreement is if you come in to rent a car, you have a multiform piece of paper and you fill out the information we need for a rental. The computerized agreement is if you had a reservation; you can come in and it's in the computer, the computer is working and everything just goes through the computer then you sign it. A printout is given to you before you go to leave.
                    • Q 7:In terms of manual agreement you described, is that document prepared at or near the time of the rental?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 8: Do the entries on the form reflect the information provided at the time of the rental agreement?
                      • A: They should have been.
                    • Q 9: Are these forms completed during your regular course of business?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 10: What happens to the rental/manual agreement after it has been prepared?
                      • A: At some point after that, copies are taken and sent to the home office in Oklahoma and people at the local office then take the information on the manual agreement and put it into the system.
                    • Q 11: How long does the company keep that information?
                      • A: We keep it in the computer for most people like myself to access for 6 months.
                    • Q 12: Is that information kept in the ordinary course of business?
                      • A: Yes it is.
                    • Q 13: In March of 2010 were you served with a subpoena that required the production of certain documents?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 14: Specifically, were you required to produce all rental transactions for Nov. 20, 2007 through the 30th for a black Toyota Highlander SUV?
                      • A: Yes

                    State's Exhibit #4X=> Hertz Rental Agreement

                    • Q 15: Tell me if you recognize it.
                      • A: Yes I do
                    • Q 16: How do you recognize it?
                      • A: It's a copy of a Hertz manual agreement that was filled out on Nov. 20, 2007.
                    • Q 17: As you flip through the exhibit, is there only one aagreement?
                      • A: No. There are two manual agreements and then the computer generated information from those agreements.
                    • Q 18: Are these the documents you provided in response to the subpoena request?
                      • A: Yes they are.
                    • Q 19: The first page we're looking at, can you describe for the jury what that is?
                      • A: It's the manual agreement that would have been filled out by hand.
                    • Q 20: Who is the customer on this agreement?
                      • A: Looks like Rosemary Johnson
                    • Q 21: Can you describe for the jury, what this computer generated agreement is?
                      • A: (reiterates what was said when asked about types of agreements)
                    • Q 22: What was the date this particular vehicle was rented?
                      • A: Nov. 20, 2007 at around 1pm
                    • Q 23: When was the vehicle returned according to this record?
                      • A: Nov. 27, 2007 around 3:42pm
                    • Q 24: In terms of the vehicle information listed on this form, does it show what type of vehicle it is?
                      • A: Yes, it has a vehicle code that tells us what type it was. A Highlander.
                    • Q 25: Does it tell what color the vehicle is?
                      • A: Yes, black
                    • Q 26: And what was the license plate on the vehicle?
                      • A: It has a New Jersey tag #VNS57G
                    • Q 27: Looking at the same record, is there a record of the mileage?
                      • A: Yes. It shows the mileage then the vehicle went out (21,360) and when it returned (22,628)
                    • Q 28: Do your records reflect the vehicle was rented out after being returned by Ms. Johnson?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 29: When?
                      • A: Same day a couple hours later.
                    • Q 30: There was a return date of Dec. 4, 2007 correct?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 31: Does that mean that was the actual date the vehicle was returned?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 32: Who is the individual that appears to have entered into this agreement?
                      • A: Lakiesha Andrews
                    • Q 33: There appears to be a hand written note on the top of the agreement. Are you able to read it?
                      • A: Some of it. That it was rented on the 27th. A Black Hyundai Tusan. And she returned the vehicle Then it's a little fuzzy.
                    • Q 34: Does it appear to have a different transaction number?
                      • A: It looks like it could and it looks like the Highlander was returned.
                    • Q 35: Is that the same mileage that's indicated on Ms. Johnson's agreement?
                      • A: Yes.
                    • Q 36: Was the production of the documents requested of you your only involvement in this case?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 37: Is it Hertz policy to clean out the car and clean them before they rent it out again? And is it done every time a car is rented out?
                      • A: Yes. It is supposed to be.

                    No DC Cross-examination

                    Witness Dismissed

                    S. A. Direct Questioning

                    Witness: Alexi Anderson

                    • Q 1: What part of the state do you live in?
                      • A: Ft. Meyers
                    • Q 2: Did you know a Romaine(?) Johnson?
                      • A: Yes.
                    • Q 3: What was her mother's name?
                      • A: Rosemary Johnson
                    • Q 4: Would Romaine's mother sometimes ask you for favors for Romaine's friends? What kind of favors would she ask of you?
                      • A: Rent cars for people
                    • Q 5: Were you ever with Romaine at the Hertz location in Nov 2007 when Rosemary rented a car?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q6: What kind of car did she rent?
                      • A: A black Toyota Highlander
                    • Q 7: Were you at the dealership when it was rented?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 8: Did her mother come?
                      • A: Yes
                    • Q 9: Did anyone else that you knew come to the rental location?
                      • A: Defendant and Charles Wardlow
                    • Q 10: How did you know Defendant?
                      • A: From Pop Warner football

                    (Points out Defendant upon request by SA)

                    • Q 11: Did you see how Defendant and Charles Wardlow arrived at the dealership?
                      • A: They came in a white, 2 door car
                    • Q 12: Who's car was it?
                      • A: Defendant's
                    • Q 13: Do you know if Defendant saw the black Highlander?

                    (Objection by DC: Speculation. Overruled)

                        • A: Yes. They drove away in it.
                        • Q 14: Who drove away in it?
                          • A: Defendant and Charles Wardlow
                        • Q 15: Who was actually driving the car?
                          • A: Defendant
                        • Q 16: Did there come a time when police officers asked to meet with you?
                          • A: Yes
                        • Q 17: Was that at the FDLE location in Ft. Meyers?
                          • A: Yes
                        • Q 18: When they drove away from the dealership, what happened?
                          • A: They [Dealership] made them bring it back to the dealership.
                        • Q 19: Why is that?
                          • A: They were under age to drive in the car
                        • Q 20: What was the age requirement at the time?
                          • A: 25
                        • Q 21: Originally, when it was driven off, who drove it?
                          • A: Rosemary Johnson (misheard question)
                        • Q 22: Who first drove the car off the dealership lot?
                          • A: Defendant
                        • Q 23: How did Defendant's white car leave the area?
                          • A: Cousin drove it
                        • Q 24: Did FDLE agent show you pictures and ask whether you could recognize them as Charles Wardlow? Did he tell you who to point out?
                          • A: Yes. No.
                        • Q 25: Did you recognize Charles Wardlow?
                          • A: Yes

                        State's Exhibit #5B=> Set of photos that FDLE agent showed Witness

                        • Q 26: Is that your writing with the date on [SE 5B]? Did you circle the person you knew as Charles Wardlow?
                          • A: Yes to both
                        • Q 27: Did they also show you a series of photos and ask whether or not you recognized the Defendant?
                          • A: Yes
                        • Q 28: Did they tell you who to pick out? Did you know him?
                          • A: No. Yes.

                        State's Exhibit #5C=> Photo Lineup #2

                        DC asks to see SE5C

                        • Q 29: Were these the photographs shown to you? And did you recognize Defendant?
                          • A: Yes to both
                        • Q 30: And how did you indicate it on the lineup?
                          • A: Wrote his name, signed and dated it
                        • Q 31: Did you circle the photo?
                          • A: Yes

                        DC Cross-examination

                        • Q 1: Rosemary Johnson was renting the car, correct? You never asked Ms. Johnson to rent the car for you?
                            • A: Yes. No
                            • Q 2: You never asked Ms. Johnson to rent the car because you wanted to go to Orlando?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 3: Is your testimony that Def was the one who drove the Hertz car?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 4: It's not your testimony that you drove the car from Hertz?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 5: Not your testimony that after you drove the car from Hertz, that the people had to have them com back because you were underage?
                              • A: No. I never drove the car.
                            • Q 6: And you never told Ms. Johnson you would pay for the car?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 7: You said that your cousin drove Defendant's car from Hertz, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 8: So Defendant had his own car, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 9: And Defendant and Charles Wardlow hang out together?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 10: But Defendant drove the rental car away?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 11: Who brought the car back to Hertz?
                              • A: They brought it back
                            • Q 12: Who was that?
                              • A: Defendant and Charles Wardlow
                            • Q 13: Not your testimony that you went to the school and got the car back from Charles Wardlow?
                              • A: No

                            No SA Redirect

                            Witness dismissed

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Ken Watkins (From Day 1 Afternoon Session)

                            • Q 1: In addition to [prior testimony], did you have any other involvement in this case?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 2: What was that [involvement]?
                              • A: Responded to Ft. Meyers to process the vehicle.
                            • Q 3: What was the vehicle you were delegated to process?
                              • A: 2007 Toyota Highlander SUV, black in color

                            State's Exhibit #3 i=> Photo of vehicle exterior

                            • Q 4: Do you recognize this photo?
                              • A: Yes

                            (SA shows to jury)

                            State's Exhibits #4Y and #4Z=> Close-up photos of vehicle

                            • Q 5: Do you recognize these photos?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 6: And they fairly and accurately show the vehicle?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 7: Can you tell the jury what the license plate number is?
                              • A: VNS57G
                            • Q 8: What types of evidence were you looking for when you processed the vehicle?
                              • A: Latent or finger print evidence. (Explains what latent processing is)

                            State's Exhibit #5 i=> Fingerprint cards (4)

                            • Q 9: What are they?
                              • A: The latent cards from the vehicle
                            • Q 10: Do you yourself conduct any examination to see if there is a match to any other latents or prints?
                              • A: No. They are submitted to IBIS for a latent examiner to examine
                            • Q 11: Did you get any information while processing the vehicle as to how many times it had been rented out?
                              • A: I don't know (DC Objection. Sustained)
                            • Q 12: In addition to processing the car for latents, what other evidence did you look for?
                              • A: Took DNA swabs from the vehicle
                            • Q 13: What areas did you swab for DNA?
                              • A: Door handles, steering wheel, gear shift
                            • Q 14: How do you go about obtaining DNA swabs?
                              • A: Kit used. (Explains how to use said kit)

                            State's Exhibit #4N=> Bag DNA swabs were placed in during transport

                            • Q 15: Once you forward those swabs to the lab, do you personally assist in the analysis?
                              • A: No. Not at all.
                            • Q 16: What, if anything, did you find prints on in the actual vehicle itself?
                              • A: Wasn't much. There was a manilla folder, Hertz business card and a Toyota manual in the glove box
                            • Q 17: What did you do with the items?
                              • A: Collected envelope and business card for latent identification. Removed front and back cover of the manual that was in the glove box and submitted those for latent identification.
                            • Q 18: When you say you impounded and submitted them for examination, what does that mean?
                              • A: Physically placed in a bag, sealed and given to our latent section to process.
                            • Q 19: So for those items, you didn't use the method you described earlier using the cards?
                              • A: Correct. That was done by our latent side

                            State's Exhibits #3T and #4J=> Trace lifts recovered from vehicle(4J), paper items(3T)

                            • Q 20: As you examined the vehicle, did you look to see if there was a GPS system?
                              • A: Yes. There was.

                            State's Exhibit #5A=> Photo of GPS system in vehicle

                            • Q 21: Did you make any effort to try and activate the GPS system's history?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 22: How did you do so?
                              • A: Turned on then scrolled through the memory

                            State's Exhibit #2R=> Close-up photo of GPS unit

                            • Q 23: Does [SE2R] fairly and accurately show you turned it on and scrolled through it?
                              • A: Yes, it does.
                            • Q 24: Looking at [SE2R], can you read the second address as it appears in the GPS?
                              • A: 804 Zana Drive
                            • Q 25: At the bottom, it appears to be highlighted in yellow, did you do so?
                              • A: I didn't do anything to the photo or GPS in that regard.

                            No DC Cross-examination

                            Witness Dismissed

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Name Unknown. Ret. Miami-Dade Police Officer/Print Examiner

                            • Q 1: Were you employed by Miami-Dade PD in Nov 2007 and 2008?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 2: In what capacity were you employed there?
                              • A: Was a latent print examiner
                            • Q 3: Were you a P.O. with arrest powers?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 4: Did you work in a lab?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 5: What was your primary function in the lab?
                              • A: Receive and evaluate latent prints that are found at a crime scene. Process certain items from a crime scene.
                            • Q 6: How long were you with Miami-Dade PD as a latent print examiner?
                              • A: About 30 years. Prior to that as a print examiner for about 10 years

                            (Explains latent print training)

                            (Explains schooling)

                            • Q 7: Prior to retirement, was it your job and function to examine and process evidence as well as fingerprint evidence?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 8: What is a "Known Inked Standard" fingerprint?
                              • A: Impressions of fingerprints. Example: Prints during processing at a jail.
                            • Q 9: Is this when there's a person and a card that has the name and date it was processed?
                              • A: Yes

                            (Explains what a latent print is)

                            • Q 10: That's the kind of thing someone like Ken Watkins might do when they process a crime scene?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 11: And do they try to bring you anything that they dusted that might have some ridge detail of a print?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 12: And the ultimate determination of whether a print is of sufficient quality to compare to another human being, who makes that decision?
                              • A: The latent examiner makes that decision.
                            • Q 13: So, that would be someone like you?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 14: Does a person leave a latent fingerprint of sufficient quality that it can be compared to another human being, everytime they touch something?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 15: What factors might affect that?
                              • A: Area where print is found must be free of foreign objects, dirt or water. Almost have to have unique position to get a latent print.
                            • Q 16: So is it dependent upon the surface?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 17: Also depends on how the surface is touched?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 18: Regardless of the surface, are you able to tell just from a person touching it will leave a print of sufficient quality for identification purposes?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 19: Were you the latent examiner for the investigation regarding the homicide of Sean Taylor?
                              • A: I was
                            • Q 20: Did you process the items forwarded to you for processing? Such things as the master bedroom door, boxes, screens and casings that were found on location?
                              • A: Yes to both
                            • Q 21: Did you also receive standard fingerprint inked cards from Charles Wardlow, Venjah Hunte, Tim Brown, Jason Mitchell and the Defendant?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 22: Does that mean [after comparisons] that the defendants never entered the house of Sean Taylor?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 23: Were there some prints found?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 24: Were those fingerprints of value from the people in the house who gave elimination fingerprints?
                              • A: Yes

                            (Explains what elimination prints are)

                            • Q 25: Are there any additional areas of ridge detail that were not of sufficient detail quality for identification purposes? How many?
                              • A: Yes. 3 did not have enough ridge detail.
                            • Q 26: From which area are you referring to?
                              • A: Some came from the rental car contract.
                            • SA: Focus on the house for now
                            • Q 27: What's a smudge?
                              • A: Person left a print but no ridge detail. Merely shows a mark showing that there was a print on there that did not have enough ridge detail to make a positive identification.
                            • Q 28: Were there numerous areas with smudges?
                              • A: Yes. There were a few with smudges in the house itself.
                            • Q 29: Could the Defendants be the ones who left the smudges?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 30: But, you can't be certain of that?
                              • A: No, I cannot
                            • Q 31: Could any of the prints found in the car have come from the Defendants or someone else?
                              • A: Yes.
                            • Q 32: Did you process the master bedroom door? Did you find any prints of value on that?
                              • A: Yes to both
                            • Q 33: Were they consistent with an elimination person?
                              • A: Those were unidentifiable. As were the ones on the bathroom door.
                            • Q 34: On the bathroom door, could those have been anyone's prints?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 35: On the master bedroom door, did you find any prints of value?
                              • A: None whatsoever
                            • Q 36: Does that mean that no one kicked the door in?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 37: Does that mean Sean Taylor never entered or left the bedroom?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 38: Jackie Garcia (Sean's girlfriend and mother of Sean's daughter, Jackie) as well?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 39: What does that mean?
                              • A: There is no way I can come up with any latent or valuable prints to make an identification
                            • Q 40: Did you also process the tools provided to you?
                              • A: I did
                            • Q 41: What tools were they?
                              • A: Knife, Tramatina Machete and a hammer
                            • Q 42: Did you find any prints on those three items?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 43: Does that mean no one ever touched those items?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 44: Did you receive some latent cards from the SUV?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 45: Were any of value?
                              • A: Yes. 2 were of comparison value
                            • Q 46: Were the prints of the defendants
                              • A: No
                            • Q 47: Could they be the prints of anyone who rented the vehicle?
                              • A: Yes. Could be anybody's prints
                            • Q 48: Did you also discover prints of no value on the latent cards?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 49: Did you process the paper items from the car?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 50: Any prints of value?
                              • A: Came back with 2 latents of value that remain unidentified.
                            • Q 51: Does that mean that the defs were never in the vehicle or in Sean Taylor's home?

                            Objection by DC. Overruled

                          • A: No
                          • DC Cross-examination

                            • Q 1: How long were you a fingerprint examiner?
                              • A: In total almost 40 years
                            • Q 2: If it's so difficult obtaining evidence from crime scenes of fingerprints, why does Miami-Dade Police Department employ so many print examiners?
                              • A: Want to do the best job we can
                            • Q 3: Is it fair to say that Miami-Dade Police Department employs so many examiners because they want to obtain evidence of a crime?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 4: How many times do you think you've testified to evidence in a criminal case?
                              • A: About 150-200 times
                            • Q 5: Could you tell us who you have testified for the most?
                              • A: State and/or Federal Gov'ts
                            • Q 6: Are you able to tell how long a print has been there?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 7: Did you personally try to get latent prints from the evidence?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 8: So another technician lifted the prints at the direction of the case agent and then forwarded them to you for comparison?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 9: You are only evaluating prints, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q 10: Did you actually lift prints off the casings or just given what was on the casings?
                              • A: No. The chances of getting prints from processing casings is very minimal. No latents were lifted.
                            • Q 11: And you personally could not lift latent prints off the casings, correct?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q 12: So you processed the casings yourself?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q 13: Was there any handling of the casing itself before you processed them?
                              • A: Casings were not contaminated at the time I signed for them

                            (Explains how casings were packaged when signed for them)

                            • Q 14: Did you ever go to the crime scene at any time?
                              • A: No
                            • Q 15: Were you forwarded any latents from windows?
                              • A: No

                            SA Objection.

                            (Conference with Judge)

                            • Q 16: You were given prints to compare and eliminate Mr. Taylor and his girlfriend, right?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q 17: So those come up and are ruled out. Then the State gives you prints of those that are possibly involved in the offense to see if there's evidence against them, right?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q 18: So, an unknown print can be anyone's print, correct?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q 19: Is it fair to say that an unknown print could also be somebody who committed the offense who has not been identified by the State as a suspect?
                              • A: Possible, yes.
                            • Q 20: The unknown prints that you did recover, did you put them through the AFIS system?
                              • A: Yes. They were
                            • Q 21: Anything come up?
                              • A: Not at the time it was done
                            • Q 22: Do you know if they've been retested since then?
                              • A: Not that I know of

                            SA Redirect

                            • Q1: Whatever unknown prints are there, are they anybody who was potentially ever in that house?
                              • A: No

                            SA Re-worded.

                          • A: Yes
                          • DC Objection. Overruled

                            • Q2: Is it fair to say that crime scene experts...

                            DC Objection: Leading

                            • Q2: Who's responsible at the crime scene for determining what areas might best yield fingerprints of value?
                              • A: The detective that is processing the scene
                            • Q3: Does that include someone like Mr. Watkins?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q4: Besides just looking at scenes and processing them, were whole objects sent to you so you could personally process them?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q5: When someone touches an object, do they sometimes leave a print and sometimes not?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q6: If people are wearing gloves, are they likely to leave prints of value at all?
                              • A: Chances are that it's not going to happen

                            Witness Dismissed

                            (Conference with Judge)

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Alberto Nunez

                            • Q1: What sort of business does [Florida Turnpike Enterprise] do?
                              • A: Tolls, toll bridges
                            • Q2: Is Florida Turnpike Enterprise responsible for maintaining and operating the various Sun-Passes on the highway?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q3: What are your duties?
                              • A: Review security footage, loss prevention, toll collection
                            • Q4: Do your duties include a responsibility to records concerning toll runners?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q5: Are you responsible for getting those records when served with a subpoena?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q6: How does your department keep a record of vehicles that run the tolls?
                              • A: Electronically
                            • Q7: Is there an image and a record that is taken when a toll violation occurs?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q8: Where is the record and image kept?
                              • A: Violation Processing Service System
                            • Q9: Is that system used in order to comply with subpoena requests to provide documentation?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q10: Were you served with a subpoena in this case requiring records of any vehicles running the SunPass toll on Nov 26, 2007 from 12am to 4am on I75 and/or Alligator Alley?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q11: What did you do in response to the request?
                              • A: Went in and reviewed the violations for the request of Alligator Alley for that date and found there was a toll violation

                            State's Evidence #5J=> Report of toll violation

                            • Q12: Would that tell you if there was a pay toll or SunPass toll violation on Nov 26, 2007?
                              • A: Yes it would
                            • Q13: At what time did the violation occur?
                              • A: 2:42am
                            • Q14: Does it indicate a location of the violation?
                              • A: Yes it does (Rest of answer cut off due to tech having difficulties keeping video going)
                            • Q15: Does the record provide any information about the license plate that is on the vehicle that committed the violation?
                              • A: Yes. Plate number= NJ VNS57G
                            • Q16: In addition to the written printout, is there also a record of any images that are captured by cameras during the violation?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q17: Is that part of the record you retrieve?
                              • A: Yes

                            State's Exhibit #5K=> Image of vehicle during toll violation

                            • Q18: On this particular document, does it indicate the date, time, and location of the violation?
                              • A: Correct

                            (Missing video of rest of testimony)

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Ariel Boston

                            • Q1: Do you know Eric Rivera? Do you see him in the courtroom today?
                              • A: Yes. (Points at defense table on SA request)
                            • Q2: Did you know Venjah Hunte?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q3: How did you know him?
                              • A: High school
                            • Q4: Did you know Charles Wardlow? How did you know him?
                              • A: Yes. Grew up together
                            • Q5: Did you know Timothy Brown? How did you know him?
                              • A: Yes. Through Charles
                            • Q6: Did you know Jason Mitchell? How did you know him?
                              • A: Yes. School
                            • Q7: Of the group, who did you know the longest?
                              • A: Eric
                            • Q8: Did you see any of them in the early morning hours of Nov 26, 2007?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q9: At approximately what time was that?
                              • A: Around 3am
                            • Q10: And where was that?
                              • A: At Leigh Acres home
                            • Q11: Did you invite any of them over at that time?
                              • A: No
                            • Q12: But they came over?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q13: Did they come into your home?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q14: Who came into your home?
                              • A: Eric, Charles, Tim, Jason and Venjah
                            • Q15: Do you know how they got there?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q16: How did you know that?
                              • A: Looked outside
                            • Q17: What did you see?
                              • A: Black SUV
                            • Q18: When they came inside your house, describe the way they were acting.
                              • A: Normal. Just laughing and talking
                            • Q19: Did they seem depressed or sad or anxious or nervous (DC Objection. Overruled) or any of those things?
                              • A: No
                            • Q20: How long did they stay at your house?
                              • A: A few hours
                            • Q21: How many [bed]rooms are there in the house?
                              • A: 3
                            • Q22: Did you stay in the same room with them the whole time?
                              • A: No
                            • Q23: Where did they go?
                              • A: Into a separate bedroom
                            • Q24: Could you hear what they were doing in the other room?
                              • A: Could hear them talking but not what the conversation was about
                            • Q25: Were there times when one of them spent the nights with you? Who was that?
                              • A: Yes. Venjah
                            • Q26: What were you doing?
                              • A: He was giving out pizza
                            • Q27: Did [Eric] ever tell you where he had been at earlier that night?
                              • A: No
                            • Q28: How long did they stay?
                              • A: A few hours
                            • Q29: Where were you a lot of the time?
                              • A: Bedroom
                            • Q30: By yourself?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q31: After they left, did you call anyone? Who?
                              • A: Yes. Uncle Travis Battle
                            • Q32: Did he come to your house?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q33: Did you walk outside your house?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q34: Did you see anything?
                              • A: Yes. (Describes what she saw. Didn't catch enough to detail)
                            • Q35: Did you meet with the police?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q36: Did they interview you?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q37: Did they talk with you about what you remember from the morning hours they came over?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q38: Did they ask you to take a look at some photographs?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q39: Did they tell you who to pick out?
                              • A: No
                            • Q40: Did you recognize any of the photos?
                              • A: Yes

                            State's Exhibit #5D=> Series of photos

                            • Q41: Did they tell you who to pick out?
                              • A: No
                            • Q42: Did you recognize anyone?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q43: Who did you recognize?
                              • A: Charles
                            • Q44: What did you do to indicate the photograph of Charles?
                              • A: Circled his picture, put date and time, signed name
                            • DC Objection to SE5D being put into evidence. Overruled.
                              State's Exhibit #5H=> Photo lineup
                            • Q45: Did you recognize anyone?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q46: Who did you recognize?
                              • A: Venjah
                            • Q47: Was Venjah one of the people at your house [that night]?
                              • A: Yes

                            State's Exhibit #5J=> Another lineup

                            • Q48: Who is that?
                              • A: Jason
                            • Q49: Did you circle the photo and sign and date it?
                              • A: Yes

                            DC Objection. Overruled

                            State's Exhibit #5F=> Photo lineup

                            • Q50: Are these the photos the police showed you?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q51: Did they ever tell you who to pick out?
                              • A: No
                            • Q52: Did you know them anyways?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q53: Whose photograph did you identify?
                              • A: Tim
                            • Q54: The next morning, did you see any of these people?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q55: Which of the people did you see?
                              • A: Charles and Tim
                            • Q56: Did they come to your house?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q57: What did they do?
                              • A: They were looking for something
                            • Q58: Was anything there?
                              • A: No
                            • Q59: Had your uncle already left?
                              • A: Yes

                            State's Exhibit #5E=> Photo lineup

                            • Q60: Is this one of the series of photos they showed you?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q61: Did you recognize anyone?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q62: Who?
                              • A: Eric
                            • Q63: Eric who?
                              • A: Eric Rivera
                            • Q64: Is this the way he looked the night you saw him?
                              • A: Yes

                            DC Cross-Examination

                            • Q1: You know all the individuals arrested in this case, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q2: You first spoke to the detectives after they were arrested, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q3: Isn't it true that you didn't know the specific night until the detectives told you the night they were questioning you about?
                              • A: Correct
                            • Q4: So, it didn't stand out to you until you were asked about it?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q5: When they first arrived at your house, you said that they were acting normal, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q6: You never overheard any conversations about a murder?
                              • A: No
                            • Q7: You never heard any conversations about a burglary?
                              • A: No
                            • Q8: You never saw them with anything that was stolen, is that correct?
                              • A: Yes that's correct
                            • Q9: Isn't it also true that you said you've known Eric the longest out of everyone?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q10: You've never seen Eric with a gun, is that correct?

                            SA Objection. Overruled

                              • A: Correct
                            • Q11: A few days after they were at your house, it was Charles and Tim that came back looking for tools, correct?
                              • A: Yes, but it wasn't a few days after. It was the same day.
                            • Q12: It was later that same day?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q13: But your uncle had already removed the tools, correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q14: Did you ever see them leave the tools at your house?
                              • A: No
                            • Q15: Isn't it true that you didn't even know the tools were there until your uncle showed them to you?
                              • A: Right
                            • Q16: Other than Charles and Tim come back to look for the tools, did you see any of the individuals again after the night they were hanging out at your house?
                              • A: No

                            SA Redirect

                            • Q1: Even though you've know Eric Rivera for a long time, are you with him 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
                              • A: No
                            • Q2: So, when you were asked whether you personally had seen Eric with a gun, you're not with him all the time, are you?
                              • A: No
                            • Q3: Were you with Eric Rivera between 10pm on Nov 25, 2007 and 2am on Nov 26, 2007?
                              • A: No
                            • Q4: You don't know where he was?
                              • A: No
                            • Q5: And you don't know whether he had a gun or not, do you?
                              • A: No

                            Witness Dismissed

                            (Conference w/ Judge)

                            End of Day 2

                            Day 3

                            Morning Session

                            [MISSING TESTIMONY]

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Deputy Frank Flynn

                            • Q1: How long have you been with the Sheriff's office?
                              • A: About 7 1/2 years
                            • Q2: Do you have any prior law enforcement experience?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q3: What was that [experience]?
                              • A: 35 years with the Philadelphia patrol unit
                            • Q4: On May 28, 2008 at around 3:30pm, were you working?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q5: Were you in uniform? On a motorcycle?
                              • A: Yes to both
                            • Q6: Were you working with another officer?
                              • A: Yes. We were both on patrol doing speed enforcement at Sutherland Road. The road was under construction, so we were there doing traffic enforcement.
                            • Q7: Did there come a time where you assisted him?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q8: How did that happen?
                              • A: He attempted to stop a 2007 Chrysler for speeding. He stepped out to pull the car over to the side of the road. He was in full uniform. The car went around him, did not stop, made a left turn at the intersection, and went through a construction area where there were actual workers working on the road right there. He got on his motorcycle and was about 35-40 feet from where I was at. I got on mine at that point to follow. As I made the left turn, I observed Deputy and Chrysler in the parking lot of an apartment complex. I pulled in there and received information as to the occupants fleeing the vehicle.
                            • Q9: Did you see the occupants actually flee the vehicle?
                              • A: No. They were gone
                            • Q10: Did you try to locate either of them?
                              • A: Yes. I went eastbound on motorcycle and went to the south-side of the complex and when I went around the building on foot, I observed a young black male walking eastbound towards me and I made eye contact with him. He immediately turned around and walked westbound. I told him to stop and get on the ground at which time he did.
                            • Q11: Did you approach him?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q12: What did you do when you approached him?
                              • A: He told me that he had identification in the back pocket of his pants. I asked him what his name was, he said Bryce. He was laying face-down and I went into one of his rear pants pockets and retrieved an envelope.
                            • Q13: Was the envelope open or closed?
                              • A: Open
                            • Q14: Why did you pull out the envelope?
                              • A: Was trying to ascertain his identity or any form of identification
                            • Q15: When you opened the envelope, was there anything in it?
                              • A: There was a letter inside the envelope. It was 2-3 pages of loose leaf paper that was folded and placed in the envelope

                            State's Exhibit #[unknown]=> Envelope retrieved

                            (Conference with Judge)

                            State's Exhibit #5L=> Letter from envelope

                            • Q16: Did you read every word of the letter from the envelope?
                              • A: No
                            • Q17: Did you read a couple words from the letter?
                              • A: I pulled the papers out of the envelope. They were folded. I did not unfold them but when I looked at them, I saw the word "murder" on one of the lines. When I saw that word, it piqued my interest a little bit because the occupants obviously fled the vehicle and I had no idea at that time what was going on. So, I put Mr. Bryce in handcuffs for my own protection and his.
                            • Q18: So, once you read the word "murder" in those papers, did you become concerned?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q19: And as a consequence of that did you handcuff the person you later identified as Terrance Bryce?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q20: Had he given you his first name, initially?
                              • A: No. He never gave me a first name
                            • Q21: Then what did you do?
                              • A: I alerted dispatch that I had one in custody and Deputy on the other side of the building came around to my side of the building. Identified the arrested as the passenger in that vehicle and they dispatched a "Zone Car" with a cage to come to my location.
                            • Q22: Did Detective [Unknown] arrive?
                              • A: He arrived later as the "Zone Car" driver
                            • Q23: Later, did an agent from FDLE arrive as well?
                              • A: Yes

                            DC Cross-Examination

                            • Q1: When you first stopped Mr. Bryce, he stated that he had identification in his pocket, is that correct?
                              • A: Yes. But only said he had ID not what kind of ID
                            • Q2: Did you ever find it?
                              • A: No. Only found envelope and letter
                            • Q3: After you found the letter, did you search his other pockets?
                              • A: When I read the word "murder", I patted him down real good to see if there was any weapons and see if there was anything bulky in the pockets and around his waistband area. For my own protection, I placed him in handcuffs and called for the car to come to our location so we could put him in the back. Didn't search any further for other items.
                            • Q4: And at that time, did you call a detective to the scene?
                              • A: That's correct

                            (2-3 other questions that were not clear enough to add)

                            No SA Re-direct

                            Witness Dismissed

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Detective Charles Bailey

                            • Q1: How long have you been employed by the sheriff's office?
                              • A: About 7 years
                            • Q2: Were you working on May 28, 2008 at around 3:30pm?
                              • A: Yes. Was on road patrol
                            • Q3: Did you respond to a call?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q4: Where did you respond to?
                              • A: To the area of Park Meadows Drive and Sunderland Road
                            • Q5: Did you see any officers at that location?
                              • A: Yes. Deputies Flynn and Itzko(?)
                            • Q6: Did you talk with them when you arrived on the scene?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q7: Did you receive any information from them?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q8: Besides seeing [the Deputies] there, did you see anyone else there?
                              • A:Yes
                            • Q9: Were you able to later identify that person?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q10: Who did you later identify that person as?
                              • A: Terrance Bryce
                            • Q11: When you first talked to the deputies, did you have a complete identification of the other person there?
                              • A: No
                            • Q12: Did Deputy Flynn give you anything? What did he give you?
                              • A: Yes. Gave me an envelope containing a hand-written letter

                            (SA shows Detective envelope and letter)

                            • Q13: Did an FDLE agent arrive on scene?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q14: Was that Agent Mike Walsh?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q15: Did you give him the letter?
                              • A: I did

                            DC Cross-Examination

                            • Q1: Do you know who called Mike Walsh to the scene?
                              • A: I'm not really sure
                            • Q2: But, you yourself did not personally call him?
                              • A: No. I did not
                            • Q3: You were on road patrol, is that correct?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q4: Do you know if, at the time, you vehicle had any recording devices in it?
                              • A: No it did not
                            • Q5: Did you question Mr. Bryce at all?
                              • A: Yes. But just about trying to identify him
                            • Q6: But you didn't question him about the letter?
                              • A: No
                            • Q7:

                            SA Objection. Sustained.

                            SA: Move to strike. Judge: Granted

                            • Q8: And you never had any contact with Eric Rivera before, right?
                              • A: Correct

                            No SA Re-direct

                            Witness Dismissed

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Mike Walsh

                            • Q1: How are you employed?
                              • A: Detective at Ft. Worth Sheriff's Office
                            • Q2: How long have you been there?
                              • A: 14 years in total
                            • Q3: What is your current assignment?
                              • A: Detective in the Violent Crimes Unit
                            • Q4: Were you on duty on May 28, 2008?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q5: Were you asked to respond to a location?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q6: What was that location?
                              • A: Sunderland and Park Meadows
                            • Q7: What was your purpose at the location?
                              • A: Responded in response to a letter
                            • Q8: What did you do when you arrived?
                              • A: Talked to the deputies that were on scene and that they had a male in custody
                            • Q9: Did you, at any point in time, come into possession of a letter?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q10: Did you actually look at the letter itself?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q11: Who did you get the letter from?
                              • A: Deputy Bailey
                            • Q12: Once you received the letter from Deputy Bailey, what did you do?
                              • A: Called detectives to the scene
                            • Q13: Did you see the letter at any point after turning it over to the detectives?
                              • A: No

                            No DC Cross-Examination

                            Witness dismissed

                            SA Direct Questioning

                            Witness: Randal Thompson

                            (Witness Missing!)

                            (SA and DC go over evidence to be used)

                            (Witness Found)

                            • Q1: How long have you been employed by Metro PCS?
                              • A: 6 years
                            • Q2: What are your duties as a Custodian of Records?
                              • A: Respond to subpoenas, search warrants and court orders for requested documents of the company
                            • Q3: What area specifically are you in?
                              • A: Area of Subpoena Compliance Division
                            • Q4: How long have you worked in that area?
                              • A: 6 years

                            (Explains training on document creation/retention)

                            • Q5: Do you keep track of changes or upgrades to the network?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q6: What is a cell phone? (REALLY?!)
                              • A: Device that transmits radio frequency similar to most radios. That signal is sent to the closest tower with the strongest signal so that it's received, carried, recorded and transmitted by/to a recipient/person you are calling
                            • Q7: When a cell phone call is made, is there a record directly generated?
                              • A: Yes. At the time of the call
                            • Q8: What does that record consist of?
                              • A: All the aspects of the call: date it occurred, number dialed, inbound caller number, duration of call and any tower information
                            • Q9: Is that recorded at the time of the actual call?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q10: How is the information stored on that record?
                              • A: Stored electronically in a database
                            • Q11: Where is that stored?
                              • A: Specifically in the "switch" that handles the call
                            • Q12: What is a "switch"?
                              • A: Used to be called a switchboard
                            • Q13: Are these records compiled during business hours?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q14: How long do you keep those records?
                              • A: 6 months
                            • Q15: Were you served with a subpoena in this case regarding production of cell phone records?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q16: What do you normally do in response to a subpoena?
                              • A: Return records requested

                            State's Exhibit #5O=> Phone records

                            DC Objection. Overruled.

                            State's Exhibit #5N=> Phone records, different number

                            State's Exhibit #5M=> Third set of phone records

                            • Q17: Are those records the same ones that you provided upon request?
                              • A: Yes
                            • Q18: In addition to cell phone records, does Metro PCS also keep records of various locations of different cell towers?
                              • A: Yes

                            State's Exhibit #5P=> Record of cell tower locations

                            • Q19: Can you explain what happens the moment a phone number is dialed from a cell phone?
                              • A: Once you hit send, a signal is sent to the closest tower. The signal consists of three pieces of information: the mobile directory number,[MDN] (number being called), the mobile identification number[MIN] (back part of MDN) and the mobile electronic identification number[MEIN]. This information authenticates the handset on [Metro PCS] network. The network recognizes that information as a Metro customer and allows that call to be made. Also begins recording the information from that call.
                            • Q20: In the information being recorded, does that include the location of the tower in communication with that phone?
                              • A: Yes

                            (Questions about specific cell phone numbers and personal information questions are left out due to moral/ethical code about private information)

                              • Q21: What is the document [on the screen]?
                                • A: Subscriber Profile
                              • Q22: What type of information does a Subscriber Profile contain?
                                • A: Contains the basic information for every subscriber [Metro has]. This is an old format from 2007
                              • Q23: What are we looking at [on the screen] now?
                                • A: Call Detail Record showing a list of calls in a certain date range
                              • Q24: What is included in a Call Detail Record?
                                • A: Billed MDN, date of call, time of day call was made (military 24 hour), length of call, number dialed, destination number, inbound/outbound call, status (0 stands for a completed call, 1 stands for an unanswered call), caller id, cell (specific to the location information)

                            State's Exhibit #5R=> Map of phone calls and towers

                            • Q25: What are we looking at?
                              • A: Layout of a portion of Florida that is propagated with a scattering of [Metro's] cell towers throughout the area. Each one of these blocks represents a specific call at a specific location.

                            State's Exhibit #5Q=> Same chart but with highlight and bolded portions

                            DC Objection. Overruled.

                            (Explains what images on exhibit are)

                            • Q26: What is an "asmith(?)"?
                              • A: It's a point of direction. Standard circle has 360 degrees. What we do with our towers is basically the same thing, but cut into sectors. Each sector has a mid-point reference, that is a specific asmith(?) letting us know which direction that sector is facing.

                            (Diagrams example and elaborates what exhibits are showing)

                            DC Cross-Examination

                            • Q1: How long have you worked for Metro PCS?
                              • A: 6 years
                            • Q2: Are you familiar with whether or not Metro PCS will allow someone under the age of 18 to enter into a contract for a cell phone?
                              • A: We don't use contracts
                            • Q3: If you don't use contracts, what do you use?
                              • A: An agreement
                            • Q4: Will you allow someone under the age of 18 to enter into an agreement with Metro PCS?
                              • A: They have in the past, yes
                            • Q5: Do you know for certain whether or not Mr. Rivera was the person under the name "[redacted]"?
                              • A: No
                            • Q6: Do you know who would have filled out the information?
                              • A: No
                            • Q7: Is there any way of knowing that?
                              • A: If they had obtained the security video from the store, back then in 2007, they could've determined who filled out the information.

                            (Stopped at Day 3 Morning Session 1 @ 1:19:49)

                              (Still trudging through videos)

                              (Continuously updating)


                              (Day 1 Afternoon Session will not be added until after the rest of the trial breakdown is over, as it will take too long to review: 4hr video would take 8+ hrs to finish.)


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