Washington Redskins Face Stress Test While Fans Enter Five Stages Of Grief

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins’ 16-31 loss to the Dallas Cowboys only solidifies what we already knew: This isn’t going to be like the 2012 season. It’s time to accept that.

The Washington Redskins’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday looked like the Redskins of old: Field goal dependent, complimented with redzone frustrations.

I’m not surprised, and you shouldn’t be either.

This season has been a series of unfortunate events, from a quarterback hitting the field cold turkey, to defense that has made us all scream at the television. But what’s different? Most notably is the play of starting quarterback Robert Griffin III. Facing a more conservative approach, RG3 has fought the mental game all season. Each move is carefully calculated. His moves are second guessed. It’s not one look: It's two, three, if not four. It’s not a scramble - It's a man wanting to be himself, fighting with the woes of injury.

Geez, just let him take the brace off and play.

At this point, it's only fitting to say that I think everyone has entered the Five Stages of Grief.

  • Denial: "So what if we got owned by the Philadelphia Eagles Week 1. That’s beyond the point. It’s only one game; the first RG3 has played since his injury. He got no preseason action so we need to give him time to get back into his groove."
  • Anger: "I can’t believe we’ve lost three straight! It might be time to split time with Kirk Cousins. We’ve got to start winning some games!"
  • Bargaining: "Okay, so we’re 1-3. It’s okay, this is where we’re going to right the ship. RG3 is looking better each week and the team is really pulling it together. "
  • Depression: "I cannot believe we lost to the Dallas Cowboys. This is going to suck. 1-4? The playoff picture is starting to look real dim. Maybe we should have expected this. The team got used to having a dynamic, independent QB in RG3. He’s a playmaker that had to slow down, not because he wanted to. It is what it is. Everyone has to do their part-they can’t keep looking at RG3 and saying ‘win one for us’. "
  • Acceptance: "This is not the NFL 2012 Season. This road to glory is filled with potholes. The curtains to this season are slowly closing. The Redskins have got to dig deep, not just RG3."

Every Redskins fan is at one of five stages mentioned. However, to speak positive, Act II of this season should not be considered a tragedy. Things change so rapidly in the NFL. It’s about how you finish, even if it will be nail biter.

Bring on Chicago.

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