THIS is beyond perplexing to me. The amount of offensive (and defensive AND ST for that matter) ineptitude on this team is disheartening if not disgusting. Harsh, I know, but what else would you call that offensive display Sunday night in the game vs the Cowboys? Linemen getting beat SO BAD by backups plucked off the street that they are on the ground. Not one lineman but 3?? On the 3 yard line?? Lichtenstieger, Montgomery and Chester ought to be ashamed of themselves for that horrible performance. Kyle Shanahan and his Daddy should be even more ashamed, honestly. Giving Licht that money and he is just not that good. I've NEVER seen an offensive lineman starter at the NFL level spend so much time on the ground from just getting blown off the ball as much as he does. Polumbus gets beats (a lot) but at least he's upright half the time. It's obvious teams have found out that our interior linemen struggle with the bull rush. The push they are giving up at the snap of the ball is pathetic. That is the flaw of the ZBS and lighter linemen. They are VERY susceptible to straight up bull rushes and power moves. That becomes a problem when the offense isn't running play action with moving pockets. These linemen simply aren't built to pass block like that every passing down. KShan is not calling plays these players can be successful at. I have to wonder what his game plan was going into the game. Did he think that with Dallas missing starters on the defensive line, that our linemen should have been able to handle the push from the interior on a stationary pocket? After he saw that the offensive line was getting smacked around why didn't he make adjustments?

Not only that, but I'm not sure why every pass play involves the same pass route combinations. It seems that every pass play has a fly (clear) route, a skinny post, and a in & out. Especially on the pistol play action pass plays. Even I know where Griffin is going with the ball when I see play action out the pistol formation: Garcon on the skinny post over the middle. Yeah, so did Brandon Carr because he was all over all night.

Speaking of Garcon, it is blatantly obvious that Griffin has ZERO trust in any receiver besides Garcon. He was literally forcing the ball to him all night whether he was covered or not. Hankerson didn't help his cause by just flat-out dropping a sure pass to end any chance of a comeback.

I wrote back in March that Griffin and thus our offense would suffer tremendously because of our WR group's inability to get open and make tough catches when it counted and now you're seeing that come into fruition. Garcon's lack of trust in any of them besides Garcon (and Moss to a lesser extent) is the result of that. I also said that a combination of the WR's and that offensive line and now, the play calling, is not a recipe for success for a 2nd year QB. The general consensus on Hogshaven was that this was Hank's break out year. Not so much. There is no improvement in this player's game whatsoever. Morgan, completely healed from his injuries, is just not a good WR. (If I hear one more time how good a blocker he is I will smack someone) And now he's running back kick offs?? This is not the WR corps a 2nd year QB needs to be successful. It's becoming more obvious with every good defense we face. Shanny didn't help these "break out" WR's by hiring a WR coach (Mike McDaniel) with 2 years of pro experience and a resume that includes stops with the Sacremento Mountain Lions and the California Redwoods of the UFL. If you have WR's ready to break out, why give them a coach with limited experience?

Granted, Griffin needs to make better decisions on some of those plays but a 2nd year QB gets somewhat of a pass when he's given this much ineptitude at key positions. His teammates on that offense just aren't very good. In maxing out their potential last year, they were severely exposed. LG, C, RG, RT, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5 all need to be replaced at the end of the season. If Shanny tries to blow smoke up anyone's butt with this continuation-of-linemen playing together stuff, he needs to be replaced as well because anyone and their mama can see these players are sorely over-matched every single week so far. The offensive linemen were bowled over by the mascot. Sorry, I meant backups.

Mike Shanahan needs to get more involved in the game planning offensively because I find it hard to believe that a Superbowl winning head coach could field an offense so woefully unprepared and overmatched every single week. Especially against a well-known division opponent and 2 weeks off to perfect a game plan.

This offense of his son's has been figured out. It's that simple. Stop the stretch run, man coverage and blitz on passing downs. Stopping the run, stops the play action (our bread and butter) and roll out and once that is under control the offense is shut down and Griffin is made to look like a fool. Where are these counters to the counter plays KShan was talking about to begin the season?? Yeah, doesn't really work 2 years in a row when you have a bunch of low round draft picks and J.A.G.'s (Just. A. Guy). MShan needs to get involved because they need to scheme better to mask to dearth of talent on this team, specifically on offense.

If I hear that lame excuse about the salary cap one more time I'm going to smack that person. Lots of teams have limited resources when it comes to acquiring personnel but that means you have to be willing to let players go and we have ALWAYS had a problem letting players walk and holding on to them for way too long. Shanny's unwillingness to admit his personnel mistakes are going to ruin this team for years to come.

Perhaps we can use this off season to upgrade players all across the board. The offensive line needs bigger, stronger players that can still get out on the move on that stretch play. Hell, we aren't running it much anyway lately so why continue to make their smaller size a priority? It's obviously a problem when they are getting outplayed by the other team's bigger backups. The offensive line needs to be upgraded with players that are versatile enough to get out on the move and stand their ground and hold their blocks when the play calls for the QB to drop straight back.

This team is what it is at this point. The elite teams in the league are starting to emerge and this team has been sadly stagnant all season. Could they turn it around reminiscent of last season's rally? Maybe but not likely. You add that with play calling and coaching that leaves a team grossly unprepared with 2 weeks off and you get this mess.

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