My top 5 Redskins-Cowboys games

I've been re-watching some Redskins-Cowboys games this past week, in preparation for Sunday. I thought I'd post a list of my favorites and the reasons why, and feel free to add to the list in the comments.

5. Redskins 41, Cowboys 14 (November 23, 1986)
The Cowboys had dominated the Redskins earlier that year, handing the Redskins what was one of their two losses to that point. Both teams were very much in the playoff hunt. The Redskins forced a turnover on the opening kickoff, and commenced a beatdown that would result in the biggest win for the Redskins in the series (until 2005), breaking a three-game losing streak in the series while they were at it. And it could have easily been much worse. The Redskins led 34-0 at the half, despite leaving 11 points on the field thanks to a dropped touchdown pass followed by a missed field goal and another TD called back for a penalty.

4. Redskins 13, Cowboys 7 (October 19, 1987)
The game was sloppy and generally terrible, but the Replacement Redskins beating a Cowboys' team that included Hall-of-Famers on both sides of the ball (including two defensive linemen). The Redskins also did so without the leading passer in the previous two weeks, Ed Rubbert, who was injured early in the game. Work-release drug offender Tony Robinson (who has been clean for a while, per the Washington Post article last year) threw two interceptions, but was still able to do enough for the Redskins to pull the upset and inspire a movie that should have been much better. The real star of the game was Lionel Vital, who ran for 136 yards.

3. Redskins 38, Cowboys 31 (November 22, 2012)
I surely don't need to say anything about this game. RGIII and the Redskins were simply dominant for large stretches, although the defense did let the Cowboys back into the game after a 28-3 halftime lead. Still, this was the best second quarter since Super Bowl XXII, and it was extremely special to win in Dallas on Thanksgiving

2. Redskins 33, Cowboys 31 (September 9, 1991)
This may have been one of the most entertaining games in the series, as well as a key victory in an early stretch that saw the Redskins dominant at home and a bit shaky on the road (tight victories over Dallas and Cincinnati, as well as a close escape at the Giants.) The Redskins never led until a Chip Lohmiller field goal in the 3rd quarter, but the Cowboys re-took the lead with a field goal of their own, and led 24-23 heading into the 4th. But the Redskins turned in a solid fourth quarter, and pulled ahead 33-24. A late Cowboys touchdown made the score even closer. Lohmiller was the star, connecting on all four field goal attempts, of 53, 52, 45, and 46 yards. His leg was the difference as the Redskins were outgained on the day but managed the victory.

1. Redskins 31, Cowboys 17 (NFC Championship, 1983)
The Redskins had lost six in a row in the series. Joe Gibbs had lost all three previous meetings. In the previous 5 meetings, the Redskins hadn't managed more than 10 points. The Cowboys were favored by 2 points, despite the game being in RFK. But once the Redskins took the lead in the first quarter on a pass from Theismann to Charlie Brown, they never looked back, knocking Danny White out of the game and intercepting Gary Hogeboom twice, the second returned by Daryl Grant for the clinching score.

How could I not have the Monday Night game in 2005 on here? It's probably the most fun 5 minutes watching games in this series, but when I think back on the game as a whole, it was pretty bad. Still, I'm tempted to take the replacement game off and put that one on. What are some of your favorites?

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