Reflection on this season

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the injury that RG3 suffered there needs to be a positive note on how this season has been fun to watch.

1. Drafting RG3

Obviously the most obvious of them all. We have found the thorn in the sides of many Redskins teams have been missing. He wowed everyone that saw him play. He had a great attitude and is a great professional that Redskins can finally ours! No more Rex Grossman and John Beck. No more McNabb. This talented rookie showcased why we gave up the picks and looks like he will be rewarding the Redskins during his career.

2. The not well known Running Back out of FAU, ALFRED MORRIS

Like most other fans this was one of the most confusing picks on draft day for me to find the reason why. Turns out that IM glad i was wrong as this Hard-nosed running back was tailor made for this offense and broke many Redskins rushing records. He has quickly become a fan favorite with all the neat stories about how much he just seems like a normal guy. Another Redskins rookie that many fans will enjoy watching for the rest of his career.

3. Pierre Garçon "the speedster" and Josh Morgan "the Physical"

These two wide receivers were highly criticized coming to the Redskins through Free Agency. And although there have been some negatives from each of them this year, we are no longer relying on "dumpster heap" wide recievers to cath the beautiful throws from our rookie QB.

4. Kai Forbath

Also gone from our fears are the lack of a reliable kicker. Kai Forbath comes in and breaks the NFL record for most consecutive Filed Goals without a miss, and these kicks weren't easy either! Kai solved another problem the Redskins have had for years and hopefully many more to come.

5. Trent Williams "The other Cornerstone"

Before there was RG3 another player was drafted to be the cornerstone of the Redskins and that man has finally lived up to that billing. Trent Williams has been one of the best LT in the game this year keeping RG3 off his back. His growth has gone well and Redskins fans hope to see him continue to dominate.

6. The LB corps

Ryan Kerrigan, Perry Riley, London 'the beast" Fletcher, and Rob Jackson have been the strongest point of this defense all year. Causing sacks, being tackling machines, causing turnovers that is what LBs do, and will hopefully one day rival the LBs of the 49ers.

7. Making the playoffs

Many Redskins fans like myself doubted the Redskins would be good this year but 10 wins is 10 wins and thats what put the Redskins into the playoffs. They might not have been pretty wins but the Redskins getting into the playoffs was a gift for the playoff starved fans over the last decade.

8. The 5-1 Division Record against the bEAST

Many talking heads thought the Redskins would have a putrid division record. Turns out they were wrong! Beating the Cowboys and Eagles twice and going 1-1 against the defending Super Bowl Champs is nothing to sneeze at. Hers to hoping this success continues in the future.

Dont let all the doom and gloom bring your spirits down! This season has been a gift and it seems like the Redskins have a bright future! HTTR!

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